Article marketing for small businesses

This article is addressed to small businesses owners and marketing managers that want to know the advantages of article marketing for small businesses.

Small businesses can and should do article marketing to position their businesses, brands, products, and services in Internet and digital media.

Small businesses can do article marketing for an affordable monthly and yearly budget.

Article marketing for small businesses is a type of content marketing that consist in writing, publishing, and distributing articles about the products and services and how they satisfy customer needs.

Our agency recommends to our customers to write, publish and distribute at least 100 articles per year.

Articles must be originally published at the small business WordPress Blog, and then distributed at the small business social network business pages, guest blogs, and email marketing.

Articles can be written by an in-house copy writer or by the small business digital marketing agency. Either way, a deep research and understanding about the products and services must be executed.

A key word analysis (KA) must be performed before writing the articles to know what key words will be positioned in the search engines.

An audience analysis (AA) must be performed before writing the articles to know very well the audience, their colloquial language, and their business needs.

Benefits of article marketing for small businesses:

  1. Articles educate your customers about your products and services and how they satisfy their needs.
  2. Small businesses develop trust among their customers when they perform article marketing.
  3. Customer can make better purchasing decisions when they have more knowledge about the products and services they purchase.
  4. Small businesses conquer the first page of Google when they perform article marketing campaigns.
  5. Small businesses develop and nurture communities at the social networks when they execute article marketing campaigns.
  6. Small businesses can use articles to perform email marketing campaigns among their customers.
  7. Articles can go viral.




Article marketing for small businesses
Article marketing for small businesses


You can read our previous article in the following link:

This article, and all our previous articles, are originally published at our Blog at , and then they are distributed in all our social network pages, and email marketing.

About the Author:

This article was written by Julio R. Sanoja, owner and founder at MSalesLeads, a digital marketing agency for small and mid-size businesses in Miami, Florida. We help small and mid-size businesses to go and grow their businesses online; position their brands, products and services online; and get qualified leads and new customers online. We have been doing this for the last 16 years. You can write me or you can call me 305-918-9793.

Julio R. Sanoja
Julio R. Sanoja

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