Google Ads and SEO Consulting Services

Our Google Ads and SEO independent consultants offers complete Google Ads and SEO solutions to agencies and companies. Beginning with a consulting, diagnosis, and strategy phase, up to the positioning of your business on the first page of Google search results, both paid and organic.

We help brands to go from zero online presence, to conquer the first page of Google.

Our services include

Google Ads and SEO audit, consulting and strategy

We begin every Google Ads and SEO project with a consulting to know where is your business at the present time regarding Google Ads and SEO positioning, and where he needs to be in the future, to then design a Google Ads and SEO strategy to fill this gap.  We say that strategy is always first.
To design a winning Google Ads and SEO plan, you have to execute a Google Ads and SEO consulting first. The  consulting includes a business consulting questionnaire, a competitor analysis, a key phrase analysis, an audit, and the strategy. We want to know your business and your competition very well before we think, create, and design the winning strategy. Please read our following articles about consulting and strategy:

Google Ads, Technical SEO and owned media development

Our independent consultants review your business owned media status, to know what owned media should be adjusted if needed, overall the technical Ads and SEO at the business website, and to know what owned media should be designed and developed if the business has not done it yet. Owned media is a strategic factor in every Google Ads and SEO project and they are used to distribute the articles and also they are used to create business and brands communities.

Google offers businesses several Ads and SEO products to help businesses and brands with their Ads, SEO and digital advertising strategies.  

Our independent consultants make sure that your business have all the Google Ads and SEO products well designed and developed to warranty the compliance with these Google products that are needed in every Ads and SEO project.

Google also offers businesses a website performance test to warranty that the business website complies with Google requirements for mobile and desktop loading time performance.

Finally, Google offers businesses a complete Webmaster Guidelines and Quality Raters Guidelines, to warranty that your business complies with Google content quality guidelines.

Please read our following articles about owned media development, Google Ads, Google SEO products, Google website performance tests and Google Webmaster and Quality Raters Guidelines.

Article marketing campaigns (organic SEO)

Article marketing or organic SEO, is about the production, publication, and distribution of articles, in a permanent manner and with high frequency, about the products and services and how they satisfy customer needs and how they solve customers’ problems. Article marketing is the strategic component of the SEO project. Please read our following articles about article marketing and related topics:

Google Ads and SEO Monthly Reports

Our consultants prepare, deliver, and explain to every business, a monthly report with all the Google Ads and SEO metrics and statistics about the website traffic and the content distribution engagement and conversion.

Google Ads and SEO Training and coaching

Our professional Google Ads and SEO consultants also train and coach every business about their Google Ads and SEO projects and how they are executed, so customers understand what our consultants are doing for them, and eventually customers can manage some areas of their Google Ads and SEO project.

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