2 Digital Marketing strategies for small business

There are mainly two ways of communicating a commercial message in any mass media, one way is using content and the second way is using advertising, and since Internet is also a mass media, these two ways of business communication also apply to Internet.

This article is addressed as always to small business owners. And in this opportunity my advice to them is the following: Whenever you decide to design and execute a digital marketing campaign for your business, please ask your digital marketing agency to design and execute two types of campaigns: a content campaign for the long term results and an advertising campaign for the short term results. You will be glad with the combined business results.

Content Campaign

We have said it in previous articles several times, and here we go again: Internet is many things, but in the context of digital marketing, Internet is a mass media, and therefore as in any mass media, content is king. How to design a content campaign for a small business? How to design the strategy? There are many ways of designing a content strategy for a small business, but there is one strategy that gives good results in the long term, and it is the education strategy or what I also call the academic strategy, the teaching strategy, the education strategy, the school strategy. Small business can “Teach the World” about their industry and about their products and services.

How a small business can teach the world about its industry? How a small business can teach the world about its products and services? The first phase to do is to design a programmatic content about the industry and the products and services. Once this programmatic content has been designed, then the second phase is to write articles about each topic of the programmatic content previously designed. These articles have to follow the 5 P´s of digital content marketing for small business described in one of our previous articles.

The third phase is the content reusing phase. New content formats can be produced from each article. For example, we can produce from each article all the following new content formats: audio podcast, video, infographics. Then, we follow the 5 P´s of digital content marketing for small business for each of these new formats.

Once the third phase has been finished, we go to phase one again to design a new campaign, and we repeat this cycle in a permanent manner. Digital marketing content campaign should be permanent. Business results for the content campaigns are seen in the long term, at least one or two years to begin to see results.

Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing

One of the main business results from the content campaign is to be at the first page of Google search results for any search of the small business products and services.

Another business result from the digital marketing content campaign is the creation of communities around the small business in the social network business pages, which increases the brand top of mind awareness for the small business and increases the quality of customer service.

Advertising Campaign

We also said it in a previous article, there is already an advertising oligopoly in Internet formed by Google and Facebook, which together have 80% of market share for the Internet advertising business. This means that any advertising campaign in Internet for a small business has to be executed using Google and Facebook advertising products. Google advertising product is called Google AdWords and Facebook advertising product is called Facebook Ads.

Google Ads

Google has 2 types of AdWords advertising, one is Google AdWords Search, which mainly consists of a text Ad that appears at the first page of Google search results whenever a person searches for the small business products and services. The other type of AdWords advertising is Google AdWords Display, which mainly consists of a text, image or video message that Google displays to the small business segmented audience in the websites or Apps they browse or use.

The Google AdWords Search advertising is very straight and relatively easy to design and execute. Basically you request Google to display the text ad every time an Internet users searches for your products or services using some keywords or key phrases you previously selected for the campaign.

Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing

The Google AdWords Display advertising is a little more complicated because you want Google to display the ad in a text, image or video format to a previously segmented audience. The campaign can be segmented in two types of main categories: Internet users (audience) and Internet content. For the first main category (Internet users), you can segment the 3.400 millions of Internet users by the following variables: country (state, zip code), age, sex, interests. For the second main category you can segment the campaign by the following variables: content type (themes), keywords, and websites addresses.

Facebook Ads

Facebook has mainly one type of advertising product called Facebook Ads, and can be displayed to the small business segmented audience in many forms, such as text, images, videos, posts, news.

The Facebook Ad campaign can be displayed to all the 1.600 million users segmented by the following variables: country (state, city, zip code), age, sex, interests, place of work, place of study.

Pay Per Click and Biding system

Both Google AdWords campaigns and Facebook Ads campaigns are Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns, meaning that the small business does not pay Google or Facebook for displaying the ad, but only pays Google or Facebook if the Internet user clicks on the ad, this is the reason the advertising is named Pay Per Click advertising.

Both advertising are also auction advertising, meaning that for each ad display all the advertisers are competing for the best place in a bid system, according to ad quality,  ad relevance, ad click through rate (CTR), ad cost per click bid, quality of website landing page, and some other variables. It is a complex biding systems that gives the first place to the most relevant ad for the segmented audience.


We said before in a previous article. The Google AdWords and the Facebook Ad campaigns have low ROI because of inaccurate of the big data marketing databases and because of the infinite search possibilities for a product or service. We believe this ROI will increase with time, since both Google and Facebook are constantly working to improve the accuracy of the big data marketing databases, and additionally, ROI will increase with time because digital agencies will improve their campaign designs and strategies. One way of improving ROI is with a methodology of permanent testing, review and adjustment process. This can be done daily, weekly and monthly.

Following a TED video about the anthropology of mobile phones:


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Is your small business doing digital marketing? Is your small business doing digital advertising?

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