3 Big Data Advertising products for Small Business

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There is already established an Internet advertising oligopoly formed by Google and Facebook which offer to small business the opportunity to communicate with the 3.400.000 Internet users in an efficient, effective and satisfactory manner, thanks to what is called Big Data Advertising.

Let’s comment on some numbers before we explained the advertising products. Global advertising revenue per year in 2015 was around USD $ billions 600, and Internet advertising revenue in 2015 was around USD $ billions 150, this means that Internet advertising is already around 25% of global advertising and growing. Google revenue in 2015 was USD $ billions 75, and Facebook revenue in 2015 was USD $ billions 18. More than 95 % of Google and Facebook revenues come from their advertising products (Google AdWords and Facebook Ads). If we do the math, we find out that Google and Facebook together have more than 60% of the Internet advertising business, and this is because both are Big Data Advertising. We will explain how this Big Data Advertising works.

Google Ads Search

Google announce this year in their Google AdWords and Analytics 2016 key conference that there are TRILLIONS of search made in Google every year. People go to Google to search for anything they need. As Google says, people search in Google if they want to GO, KNOW, DO or BUY, and this is what Google calls the Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT). When a person searches for your products and services and your small business website link appears at the first page of Google search results, then your small business has an opportunity to satisfy that person need, and you get a business opportunity.

There are 2 ways to be at the first page of Google search results, and one of them if using Google AdWords Search, which is the Google Search Big Data Advertising product. Small business has the opportunity to setup a Google AdWords Search campaign so when people search for their products or services the small business ads appears at the first page of Google search results. This campaign can be setup by geographic area and by keywords. Small business will pay to Google if users click on the Ad, otherwise small business will not pay to Google. This is what Google calls Pay Per Click advertising. Google does not charge small business for showing the Ad, but only charge if user clicks on the Ad. The cost of a click varies and depends upon the country and the industry, from USD $ 1 and above.

For more detailed information about what Google AdWords can do for your business you can see the following YouTube video 2016 Google AdWords conference


Google Ads Display

Google knows the following information for each of the 3.400.000 Internet users: age, sex, place, interests. Google also knows the following information of all the Internet content: topics, words, and websites contents and addresses. Here is where Big Data Advertising works again. A small business can setup a Google AdWords Display campaign to display an Ad (text, image or video), to the targeted Internet user or to the targeted Internet content according to the above segmented variables, and according to the small business audience and advertising strategy. For example a small business can have a displayed Ad in the first page of the New York Times or Washington Post, when people interested in their products or service browses these newspapers front page. As in Google AdWords Search, this advertising is also Pay Per Click advertising, therefore the small business only pays to Google if user clicks on the Ad. Google does not charge to the small business for displaying the Ad.

Big Data Advertising
Big Data Advertising


Facebook Ads

Facebook knows the following information for each of the 1.500.000 million Facebook users: age, sex, place, interests, place of work, and place of study in some cases. A small business can setup a Facebook Ads campaign to target any audience interested in their products or services, using the above Facebook users database variables. These Ads can also be text, image or video ads, and they are also Pay Per Click Ads as Google AdWords ads are. This is also Big Data Advertising because the small business can target the ad to a segmented audience according to the above Facebook user’s data base variables.

Big Data Advertising
Big Data Advertising


Google has a big database with 3.400.000 Internet users and knows their age, sex, place and interests. Facebook has a big database with 1.500.000 Facebook users and knows their age, sex, place, interest, place of work, please of study. These 2 large databases can be used for small businesses to communicate with their customers, prospect customers and any other audience in an efficient, effective, and satisfactory manner. There are no other Internet user’s databases like these two, so far. Welcome to the Big Data Advertising for small business.


Big Data Advertising
Big Data Advertising


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