AdWords Consultants for small businesses

This article is addressed to small business owners who need to hire an AdWords Consultant for small businesses.

We will list in this article several Google AdWords Consultants for small businesses, to help small business owners select their best consultant option for their Google AdWords campaigns.

Before we present the AdWords consultants list, we would like to make few comments about Google AdWords:

  • Google AdWords Search key expertise is about keywords research, keywords concordance, and keywords coherence. The deeper the keywords research is done, the better the results for the campaign are obtained. Exact concordance gives better results. Keywords coherence give better results.
  • Google AdWords Display key expertise is about targeting. The deeper the knowledge about the AdWords Display targeting the better the campaign results.

Following we present some AdWords consultants in USA:

Kristina Cutura

Kristina has 15 years of experience managing AdWords campaigns.

This is what Kristina says about herself in his LinkedIn Bio:

“PPC/Google AdWords Expert

Managing and optimizing clients’ search engine marketing efforts. Current clients span various industries and spend levels.

Optimized Google’s strategic B2B and B2C advertisers. Helped found optimization team and develop optimization best practices at Google and trained hundreds of internal Google optimizers. Trained major AdWords resellers and developed online training materials”.

You can contact Kristina in the following LinkedIn profile and websise:


Julio R. Sanoja

Julio is a digital marketing consultant and strategist for small and mid size businesses. Julio helps small and mid size businesses to go and grow their businesses online; get qualified leads and new customers; and position their brands, products, and services online. Julio has been doing this for the last 16 years.

Julio´s agency has been featured at Expertise and Upcity as one of the top digital agencies in Miami. We have also been featured at CV Magazine as a most outstanding agency for lead generation solutions in Florida.

You can contact Julio at his agency website or you can write or call 305-918-9793


Gil Roeder

Gil has 18 years of experience managing Google AdWords campaigns and training companies how to use Google AdWords.

This is what Gil says about him in his LinkedIn profile:

“I utilize my experience as an entrepreneur and my expertise in Inbound Marketing and paid search on all platforms to help businesses develop online marketing strategies that grow their leads. My speciality is the intersection of online advertising with HubSpot’s Inbound Marketing tools. As the resident expert in online advertising and in my role as Director of the Center for Inbound Advertising , I consult with hundreds of companies in paid search and Inbound Marketing tools to facilitate tangible results. I’ve been selected by both Google(Accelerate with Google Academy ( and LinkedIn(HubSpot-LinkedIn Initiate program) to lead programs focusing on helping businesses analyze and optimize their campaigns to take full advantage of an inbound marketing strategy designed to grow the business while sending the right message to the right person at the right time.

I’m a Skilled Webinar presenter who has worked with thousands of organizations to help them implement Marketing campaigns combining PPC and Inbound Marketing.”

You can contact Gil in the following LinkedIn profile:

Justin Gross

Justin has 11 years of experience managing Google AdWords campaigns.

This is what Justin says about himself in his LinkedIn bio:

“My name is Justin Gross, and I am the founder of Hop2TheTop, a Google Certified internet marketing company. I have extensive expertise and experience in areas of AdWords, PPC, SEO, Web Analytics, Web Psychology, and Landing Page Optimization.

I have been trained, in person, in the NYC Google Adwords office by top Google Adwords Teams. I have been personally certified and recertified every year for the last 11 years by Google, and have previously held analytics and BING ads certifications. I have helped dozens of companies startup, grow, expand, or become more profitable via PPC and other tactics.

I have been a speaker, consultant or trainer for the following companies : Servpro, Comcast, Johnson & Johnson (Ortho-McNeil), Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Rebath, Luxury Bath

I have helped direct clients and agencies with PPC campaigns for the last 11 years. Full service web agencies have brought me in to help retain clients who were previously questioning PPC results. I am able to turn around the weakest performing PPC campaigns and make them cash generating machines.

I am currently working on a few key projects, and continue to provide PPC management services, training and consulting for a limited # of businesses and agencies.

If you are in the home services, restoration, or legal fields, I am interested in speaking with you about lead generation campaigns via PPC. These are areas that my company Hop2TheTop is hyper focused this year as we have see unusual success in these areas for our Servpro, Law Firm, and other clients in these areas.

Message Me Here On LinkedIn For A PPC Management Proposal Or Training/Speaking Request”.

You can contact Justin in the following LinkedIn profile:

Brad Putney

Brad has 6 years of experience managing Google AdWords campaigns.

This is what Brad says about himself in his LinkedIn profile:

“Starting a paid search campaign in Google AdWords or Bing Ads is very easy to do, all you need is a gmail and a credit card. Optimizing for maximum ROI on a paid search campaign isn’t that easy. A professional paid search manager will take all the data, summarize it coherently, and tell an easy to follow story relating your ad spend to return on investment.

Please let me introduce myself, I am Brad Putney and I have built more than 500 paid search campaigns that have generated thousands of leads, and millions of dollars in revenue.

While search campaigns across industries may look the same, the analytics have shown that even campaigns within the same industry will differ. A good campaign manager will build and measure each product line as unique, with individualized metrics.

Advantages of working with me as your PPC Consultant:
• Receive a complete campaign review with digital strategy.
• Initial campaign consultation is complimentary.
• Intensive one-on-one client attention & direct communication. I don’t “farm out” work to inexperienced and/or non-certified team members.
• Highly responsive action in regards to emails and/or phone calls.
• Hands-on campaign management & reporting. I touch every campaign.
• Reliable data insights and campaign adjustments to improve performance. As well as an easy to understand review of the changes made to optimize your account.
• Transparency of campaign management fees with no invoice surprises. You aren’t paying to be “wined and dined” as you may with a big firm.
• Peace of mind knowing your accounts and campaigns are under management of a conscientious marketing professional”.

You can contact Brad at the following LinkedIn profile:

Justine Harrington

Justine has 2 years of experience managing Google AdWords campaigns.

This is what Justine says about herself in her LinkedIn Bio:

“I help marketing agencies and consultants scale their PPC management offering into a more profitable revenue stream by:

– reducing time spent on ongoing maintenance, optimization, and reporting in paid search campaigns. Reduced output enables campaign managers with the bandwidth to take on more PPC accounts without adding overhead to the business.
– providing better visibility into optimization opportunities in Google AdWords, Bing and Facebook to get better results and justify growing spend from existing clients
– reducing customer churn by delivering results that lengthen the lifetime value of each client

Our customers are able to succeed with help from Wordstream’s award-winning software platform and consultants that ensure that their PPC offering is built to scale into a profitable and manageable moneymaker”.

You can contact Justine at the following LinkedIn profile:

Larry Brauner

Larry has 11 years of experience managing AdWords campaigns.

This is what Larry says about himself in his LinkedIn Bio:

“Develop online marketing and branding strategies for B2B and B2C startups and established companies, with significant quantifiable improvements in sales volume and customer acquisition costs.

Internet marketing expertise: search engine marketing, SEO, Google AdWords certified, keyword research, competitive analysis, A/B testing, sales funnel optimization, social media, review websites, and content marketing.

Analytics: Marketing, web, customer acquisition and retention, market research, performance, and actuarial analysis.

Verticals: luxury goods, watches, consumables, SaaS, technology, public utilities, energy, telecommunications, and professional services.

Experienced building and supervising technical teams, as well as qualifying and managing relationships with agencies and contractors”.

You can contact Larry at the following LinkedIn profile:

Robert Stein

Robert has 13 years of experience managing AdWords campaigns.

This is what Robert says about himself in his Bio:

“13 years Experience Digital Marketing.

SEO Specialist with expert level on-site, off-site, local SEO, keywords research, competitor research, WordPress speed optimizations, and technical SEO audit skills. Manage SEO on a consulting basis for businesses providing high-level SEO consulting to ensure better indexing and ranking in Google’s organic results.

Google AdWords Certified Account Manager.Provide Google AdWords services to meet client goals. I have professional experience with SEO, AdWords & WordPress from start-u

I use my passion, knowledge, analytical skills, and professionalism to manage Google AdWords and SEO campaigns, WordPress and content marketing to service clients located in NYC, California, Florida, Connecticut and elsewhere..”

You can contact Robert at the following LinkedIn profile:

Justin Weyant

Justin has 3 years of experience managing AdWords campaigns.

This is what Justin says about himself in his LinkedIn Bio:

“My job at WordStream is to work with small businesses and help them get better return on investment from advertising with the WordStream Lite solution. WordStream Lite includes the award winning WordStream platform that helps optimize AdWords, Bing Ads, and Facebook Ads along with group training and PPC educational resources. WordStream Lite is designed for businesses with small advertising budgets, and the clients I work with prove that you can have success with online marketing with a small budget”.

You can contact Justin at the following LinkedIn profile:



AdWords Consultants
AdWords Consultants



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This article was written on February 20, 2018.


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About the Author:

This article was written by Julio R. Sanoja, founder at MSalesLeads, a SEO agency in Miami, Florida. We help businesses all over the world, to go and grow their businesses online; position their brands, products and services online; and get qualified leads and new customers online. We have been doing this for the last 17 years.

You can write me or you can call me 305-918-9793 if you need our services.

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Julio R. Sanoja is a consultant, strategist, and speaker about Google; SEO; and the first page of Google. Julio offers online and in company Google SEO and first page of Google consulting, strategy, coaching, conferences, training, courses, and workshops.

Our agency has been featured by Design Rush as one of the top 25 SEO agencies that can adapt your SEO strategy in 2019.


Julio R. Sanoja
Julio R. Sanoja

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