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AdWords Expert can help your business get back on track

AdWords Expert can be costly. Make no mistake about it. Many businesses have found great value through using an AdWords management company to help them boost sales. Some businesses have even seen up to $10 more in profits per $1 spent on AdWords.

The Internet is the single fastest way to grow your business for almost every industry. While some businesses still flourish solely with a brick and mortar presence – most businesses need an online presence. Yet, just having an online presence is rarely enough. Your business needs to drive sales through your online presence. This take traffic.

Some businesses have great search engine optimization. These companies continually receive organic traffic from Google (, Bing, and other search engines. This traffic is created through continually updating content, often through a blog-type of website. Businesses receiving a ton of organic traffic have no need to hire an AdWords Expert. Yet, many businesses do not have organic traffic. Or they simply don’t have enough.

It can be difficult to generate organic traffic for many businesses. Content is king these days. Google and Bing reward websites that continually post new content. New web pages, new blog post, new everything! If your website has stagnant content, then you could rarely get new organic traffic.

Businesses that find themselves in this type of situation often need a PPC campaign and an AdWords Expert to continually drive traffic to their site. This means spending money. PPC can be expensive. Thus, many businesses invest in an AdWords management company to help them drive traffic in an efficient and converting manner.

From Blogger to Business Owner

Some businesses can grow on their own without the help of PPC campaigns. Often, a blogger will have no need for a PPC campaign or an AdWords Expert. Blogging is a type of business that absolutely requires new content. New content equal organic traffic. If you are buying clicks for your blog, then you may be doing something wrong.

Caroline Leemis started off her Internet business by blogging. After graduating from the University of Arkansas in 2009, Caroline found the job market stale. She had a degree in interior design and a background in commercial construction, but she wasn’t finding any of the jobs she really wanted available.

So Leemis began blogging about her fondness for healthcare design and a few other topics. Her interests were unique, and she quickly became an online expert in the field. Soon healthcare professionals from all over began to take notice of her design ideas and philosophy. Interest continued to grow, as more and more healthcare professionals began to contact the budding blogger.

Caroline was eventually afforded the opportunity to start her own interior design business – specializing in healthcare design. Caroline Leemis Design was then born. In 2014, the interior design studio really began to take off and saw 300% growth – a big leap from where Leemis started in 2009 while blogging.

Yet, blogging was where Leemis got started. Caroline’s initial blog that jumpstarted her thriving business was run on Blogger, Google’s customizable blogging platform. Leemis knows the value of spreading ideas on the Internet, as she believes a site or blog is one of the most important networking tools, “having a website to direct them back to me was really beneficial.”

Even before her design studio had taken off, Leemis used her online presence to push through that tough first year, “It gave me a spot to display my work and talk about projects as I was working on them, and still does.”

Adwords Expert
Adwords Expert

As a small business, Leemis handles nearly all of her own marketing. She strives to drive traffic to her website and networking while also using a Google+ page and a Google Maps listing to ensure new clients can find her. Using the Internet to create buzz and, “get exposure from potential clients” is something Leemis has been doing for years.

Caroline knows her business has been blessed with the growth of the World Wide Web, as she states, “This all would have been harder and much more expensive 15 years ago, especially since I’m a fairly new business and don’t have a large advertising budget.”

Luckily, Caroline Leemis Design has built quite a brand. The company receives numerous calls from publications and the press on a monthly basis. Tis’ the life of an innovator. Everyone wants to hear about what you are doing. Now, Leemis and her staff have to use Google Alerts to keep up with all the company’s coverage in the press.

Adwords Expert
Adwords Expert

The press coverage has been overwhelmingly positive for the company. Leemis was recently named one of Columbia Business Times’ “20 Under 40.” Yet, she does not plan to slow down. Caroline hopes to make a greater impact on the local community by focusing on her branding and sustainability. For Leemis, it is all about following a dream, as she believes, “If your dream job does not exist, go out there and create it.”

Google By The Numbers In The State Of Missouri

Caroline Leemis and her design company certainly are not the only business in Missouri using Google to find new leads and grow. Google worked to help Missouri businesses find $1.37 billion in economic activity in 2014. Over 22,000 businesses and non-profits in Missouri benefitted from using Google AdWords and AdSense during the year. Google also funded Missouri non-profits through their free advertising program, Ad Grants – to the tune of $2,130,000.

Adwords Expert
Adwords Expert

This article was written by the LeAds copywriter team. LeAds is one of the most experienced Adwords Expert Agency, specializing in Google AdWords  and Google SEO, in the United States. Please visit our website at for more information about making Google Search and AdWords work for your business.

The data and the images in this article were taken from the Google USA Report 2014.

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