Adwords Reseller and Google in North Carolina

AdWords Reseller in North Carolina Hurt Small Businesses

AdWords reseller? was used by your business? – then chances are you got ripped off

AdWords reseller was not created with small businesses or the customer in mind. In fact, if you used an AdWords reseller in the past – then you probably got overcharged per click. Often – vastly overcharged! Imagine a business in which:

  • The client has no control over the seller
  • The seller can charge the client any price he or she desires because of a monopoly on the market
  • Clients are unable to see if their ROI is decent because they don’t know the true cost per click


  • Google actively encourages sellers to do business in this manner

The problem with the way Google sets up the AdWords reseller program within Google AdWords was that all the power was in the hands of the AdWords reseller. Small businesses had no idea what was going on within their PPC campaign. Many times the certified AdWords reseller was charging clients more than double the price per click.

This led to many, if not all, the Google AdWords experts getting a bad name with many small business owners. No owner wants to work with companies that continually try to rip him or her off. Thus, the dishonest practices of AdWords resellers started to hurt the industry.

Luckily – Google realized what was going on within their reseller program and quickly did away with it. There is no need for a few companies to monopolize the AdWords consultants market. However, every small business using AdWords needs to still pay close attention to the management of their account.

Instead of hiding the true cost per click through the guise of the AdWords reseller program, many companies now use a form of billing that hides costs. If you are hiring an AdWords agency or expert to manage your PPC campaign – then you need to work with a company that utilizes transparent billing.

If you work with a company that doesn’t bill transparently, then you could be getting hustled in a similar manner to the AdWords resellers of the past. This is not what you want – you don’t want anything to do with an AdWords reseller.

Big Changes on the Brink with AdWords

The Internet can be difficult for business owners looking to make more money. For many businesses – dealing with a dishonest AdWords reseller is not even on their minds. This is because business, just like life, is often unpredictable. You never know when you’ll hit your big break or come up with the idea that changes your life. Richard Brown did not, either. The founder of Acme Tow Dolly Company, Brown found himself in a horrifying situation for any small business owner. His business started failing.

By 2009, the company was nearly desolate. The phone had stopped ringing, and Brown had to lay off his employees. “I wanted to go beyond selling products locally to establishing a national presence, but it was very difficult,” Richard says. “There were a lot of issues we did not anticipate. We were struggling.”

Day after day, Richard watched as his bank account continued downward. “I would come in every day, just visiting the corpse of our business,” he says. “I could not let it go.” Richard did not have many choices left. He was down to his last straw and decided to take a chance.

He decided to give Google AdWords a chance. “I committed our last $1,500 to AdWords.” While bankruptcy loomed in the background, Brown saw his company begin to flourish with the help of AdWords. A company that was nearly bankrupt saw over $1.5 million in sales in the next year – almost all thanks to AdWords. Moreover, the growth has not stopped. “Now we have 22 employees and 42 vendors,” Richard says. “It is been a dramatic turnaround for us.”  It gets better, according to Brown, “We went from being out of business to grossing $1.6 million our first year using AdWords.”

The company utilizes:

  • Google AdWords
  • Google Tutorials
  • Google Analytics

To find out their target market for the lightweight car tow dollies they sell – retirees in the US and Canada. A quick learner, Brown said, “I realized I had to make my ads relevant to search inquiries, and my website relevant to the ads.”

Once he was able to do so, the profits have not stopped growing. In 2014, the company grossed over $3.5 million in sales and has over $5 projected for 2015. Acme Tow Dolly also uses Google Drive to fuel their office efficiency and YouTube to connect with customers (through detailed how-to guides).

Adwords Reseller
Adwords Reseller

The once almost-bankrupt founder has his sights set on the stars for the future. He knows he has been blessed by the Internet and has begun to give back. Brown donates a portion of his profits to some of his favorite charities, like Paws for Veterans and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Adwords Reseller
Adwords Reseller

While Brown is excited about the future, he understands how important Google is to his business. “Google is integral in this business,” he says. “The future of commerce is in Google AdWords and on the Internet. If you are not showing up in organic search results and paid search results, you are not in business. Google AdWords allowed me to compete shoulder-to-shoulder with the industry giants.”

Google ( By The Numbers In The State Of North Carolina

Google helps companies from all over the United States grow and earn more profits. Richard Brown and Acme Tow Dolly certainly aren’t the only company in North Carolina uses Google to benefit their bottom line. For example:

  • Google provided over $1.5 billion in economic activity to businesses in North Carolina during 2014.
  • Over the course of 2014 – nearly 59,000 businesses in North Carolina utilized Google’s advertising tools (AdWords and AdSense).
  • As well, Google provided $3,780,000 of free advertising to non-profits in North Carolina in the Google Ad Grants program.
Adwords Reseller
Adwords Reseller

This article was written by the LeAds copywriter team. LeAds is one of the most experienced Google Adwords Agency, specializing in Google AdWords and Google SEO, in the United States. Please visit our website at for more information about making Google Search and AdWords work for your business.

The data and the images in this article were taken from the Google USA Report 2014.

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