Are you using the Google products for businesses and individuals?

Google offers businesses and individuals more than 80 products that allow them to be more effective and efficient in their daily work and daily life. In this article we will mention the most important ones, their characteristics and their benefits for businesses and individuals.

You can see all Google products in the following link:

Google products are classified by the following categories:

  • Get answers

Search, Maps, Translate, Chrome

  • Watch, listen, and play

YouTube, Google Play Music, Chromecast, Google Play Movies & TV

  • Do more with devices made by Google

Pixel, Google Home, Daydream View, Google WiFi

  • Stay connected across screens

Android phones, Android Wear, Chromebook, Android Auto

  • Stay in touch

Gmail, Google Allo, Google Duo, Google+

  • Organize your stuff

Photos, Contacts, Calendar, Keep

  • Work smarter

Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drive

  • Grow your business

AdWords, AdSense, Analytics, Google My Business


  1. Google Search (

It is Google’s commercial search engine on the Internet. It performs searches using a search algorithm that is constantly evolving and has had several names in the past: Page Rank, Panda, Penguin, and is currently called Hummingbird.

It is a very complex algorithm with more than 200 variables, but where the two most important variables are the relevance of the contents that are published and the links that link to those contents.

The Google search results in the first results of searches benefits companies that publish more relevant content for users, in English it is called Blogging, which is the publication of relevant content in the company Blog.

Most companies use Google search engine to look for their suppliers of products and services.

  1. Google Advanced Search (

It is the Google search engine but with advanced features or filters that allows the user to configure the search according to different variables such as language, country, file type, keywords.

It is very useful to search for relevant content on a particular topic when configuring the search for a particular file type such as PDF files.


Google products
Google products


  1. Google Scholar (

It is Google’s search engine for academic content published by universities, professors, academics, experts and authors of different topics worldwide.

It is very useful to search on a particular subject, from an academic point of view.

  1. Google Chrome (

Google Chrome is the Google browser that competes with other browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari.

Chrome is the world most used browser with 73% of market share.

  1. Google AdWords (

Google AdWords is Google’s advertising product that allows businesses to perform their paid advertising campaigns on the Internet through Google search network and Google display network.

This is the product that gives Google more than 90% of its revenue worldwide and allows companies to position their brands, products and services on the Internet thanks to the benefits that AdWords offers.

  1. Google Remarketing (

Remarketing is not an individual product of Google but due to its importance we mention it separately.

Google Remarketing is a functionality of the Google AdWords product that allows companies to conduct advertising campaigns aimed at users who showed interest in their products and services.

Remarketing lets you show ads to people who’ve visited your website or used your mobile app. When people leave your website without buying anything, for example, remarketing helps you reconnect with them by showing relevant ads across their different devices.

  1. Google AdSense (

Google AdSense is Google’s advertising product that allows allies of Google’s display network to advertise advertisements of Google AdWords display network on their websites and in this way benefit both the Google ally of the network Display when receiving some of Google’s benefits, users of the Google display network because they see ads from advertisers who post ads with content relevant to those users related to the theme of the Google allied portal, and finally the advertiser who has the possibility of reaching users with their relevant advertising notice.

  1. Google G Suite (

Google G Suite is a suite of products that Google offers companies so they can take some of the company’s communication processes to the “cloud” or to the Internet and thus be more effective and efficient in their communication processes.

Some of these products included in the Google Apps suite are: Gmail, Calendars, Sheets, Documents, Slides, Hangouts, Drive for storage.

  1. Google Cloud Platform (

Google Cloud for Developers is an Internet platform that allows web application developers to develop, test and launch all kinds of web applications for compute, storage, and applications on the Internet and host them in the Google Cloud infrastructure.

  1. Google Trends (

Google Trends is the Google product that allows users to search statistics on the most relevant and important searches made on Google search (Google Search) worldwide and by country.

  1. Google Analytics (

Google Analytics lets businesses know the statistics of visits to their websites. Some of the variables Analytics shows are the following: number of visits, origin of the visit by country and city, duration of the visit, percentage of rebound (visits not visits that entered and exited from the website on the same page Landing, ie visits that only visited a page on the website and Analytics does not consider visit but rebound), keywords that were used in the search engine to search the website of the company that caused the visit, origin of the visit, equipment used for the visit (PC, laptop, cell phone, tablet), browser used in the visit, operating system used in the visit, average duration of the visit, pages visited during the visit, and many more variables that allow companies optimize your content based on the interests of the users who visit the website.

  1. Google + (

It is Google’s social network service that allows companies to create their company pages on this Google social network and publish their content on this social network to help position the company in Google Search results and to create communities around the company, its brand and products in this social network.

  1. Google Blogger (

It is the Google Blog service that allows companies to create their corporate Blogs to publish their content on the Internet and help position the company in Google Search results. Your main competitor is the WordPress Blog service.

  1. Google Search Console (

Google Search Console is a series of tools that Google offers to companies for their Webmasters to use to help position companies in the search results in the Google search.

  1. Google Gmail (

Gmail is the mail service that Google offers companies to manage their corporate mail on a single platform.

  1. Google Maps (

Google Maps is the map service that Google offers companies so they can add their offices to Google maps and in this way help users easily find the physical location of businesses.

  1. Google My Business (

Google My Business is the service that Google offers companies so they can add their addresses and physical locations to Google’s physical address database to help users find businesses more easily in the search engine.

  1. Google Translate (

Google Translate is the service that Google offers companies to translate texts into different languages.

  1. Google mobile test (

Google mobile test is a test Google offers companies to test if their websites are optimized for mobiles.

  1. Google page speed test (

Google page speed test is a test Google offers companies to test their websites speed.

  1. Google Play (

Google Play is the place where users can download Apps in their mobile phones, and can also play music, games, books, and movies

  1. YouTube (

YouTube is the Google place to upload and play videos.

  1. Google Communities (

Google Communities is a place where you can create a business community for your company.

  1. Google Allo (

Google Allo is a smart messaging app that helps you say more and do more.

  1. Google Duo (

Google Duo is a simple video calling app that lets you preview incoming calls.

  1. Google Store (

Google Store is an online hardware retailer operated by Google.


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