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Do you want to make a Google Ads campaign for your company? In this page you will find all the information that you need to know to do a good segmentation and targeting for your campaigns in order to get the higher amount of qualified leads:

How to target your Google Ads campaigns?

Google Ads or Facebook Ads?

What is a display ads consulting?

What are the top Google Ads consultants?

What are the top Google Ads agencies?

What are the top b2b advertising agencies?

What are the top advertising agencies in Houston, Miami and other cities in the United States?

Google la mejor agencia digital

Google la mejor agencia digital

Este artículo está dirigido a los dueños y gerentes de mercadeo de las pequeñas y medianas empresas, y es la traducción del artículo original escrito por el mismo autor en idioma inglés en el año 2016. Las cifras, datos y

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Lead generation training

The power of Google

Google is one of the most powerful companies in the world. They have the information, knowledge and economic power that no other company has at the present time. Information power Google has one of the biggest database in the world.

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How to do digital branding in a foreign country?

Digital branding in a foreign country can be done with a Google Ads Display campaign.   Google Ads Display campaigns can be segmented by the following variables: People: Geographic location, age, gender, and interests. Content: words, topics, websites. Devices: laptops,

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5 digital marketing consulting strategies and courses.

Our agency is offering the following five digital marketing consulting, strategies, and courses in a live online format, addressed to businesses and marketing professionals, either in English or in Spanish.   What are the own digital media that every business

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What are the best lead generation tools for small businesses?

The best lead generation tools for small businesses are: For B2B small businesses: LinkedIn Sponsored Content Ad campaigns. Article marketing campaigns. Google search ads campaigns. First page of Google organic search results. Email marketing campaigns. Conferences, courses, workshops, classes, storytelling,

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Remarketing list for small business digital marketing

Remarketing list is a display advertising feature that Google Ads and Facebook/Instagram Ads offer to their advertiser’s customers, that allow the advertiser to display the ad several times during a period of time to those users that click on the

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