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What is E-A-T and its importance for audience and SEO

E-A-T stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness (E-A-T), either for the content creator, or for the website of the main content (MC). E-A-T is an important variable for the audience, the search engine optimization, and the Google ranking. E-A-T is

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How to get on the first page of Google

To get on the first page of Google you have to write, publish, and distribute articles about your brands, products, services, and how they satisfy your customers and prospects needs, in a permanent manner, at least 100 articles per year.

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Top SEO consultants

Here is a list of the top SEO consultants according to their experience, knowledge, and first page of Google search results:   Marie Haynes Eric Enge Julio R. Sanoja Michael Cottam Aaron Rains     Marie Haynes Marie is the

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Best SEO in house training.

Here is a list of the best SEO in house training, according to their experience, methodology, and their position in the first page of Google:   UniSEO SEO inhouse MSalesLeads – Julio R. Sanoja MOZ   UniSEO UniSEO offers

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Best SEO in company courses.

Here is a list of the best SEO in company courses according to their speakers, experience, topics, and prices:   Search Engine Academy Human Level Julio R. Sanoja Expert SEO Consulting   Search Engine Academy Search Engine Academy offers SEO

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Best SEO conferences.

Here is a list of the best SEO conferences according to their speakers, topics, and prices:   SMX Search Marketing Expo Next10x Digital Marketing Conference MozCon Julio R. Sanoja in Company Google SEO Conference     SMX Search Marketing Expo

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Top first page of Google consultants

Here is a list of the top first page of Google consultants according to their experience and knowledge published in the Internet:   Matt Cutts Maile Ohye Julio R. Sanoja Marie Haynes Eric Enge   Matt Cutts   I consider

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