Digital advertising is still inefficient but necessary

Digital advertising is so new that it is still inefficient, however we have to invest in it since people spend more time in digital media than in traditional media. One of the reasons for digital advertising being inefficient is that both search algorithms and display big databases are still very inaccurate. This will change and improve in the future due to artificial intelligence (AI) and semantic. In the future both search algorithms and display big databases will be very accurate. But, for the time being we have to learn how to live with an inefficient search and display advertising.

What can we do to increase efficiency in digital advertising? How can we increase and improve digital advertising campaign metrics?

There are several ways to improve efficiency in digital advertising and one of them is the following:

  1. Categorize products and services as much specific as possible
  2. Segment audience as much specific as possible
  3. Execute one campaign for each product and service category and for each audience segment, in both search or display networks. Focus is the key. One campaign for one product category for one segment audience.

A good exercise is to design and build a product and service versus audience matrix and execute a digital advertising campaign for each matrix cell. Once campaigns are launched then we have to do testing and adjusting to see which campaign enjoys the best metrics. High conversion campaigns should have higher investments than low conversion campaigns.



Digital advertising
Digital advertising



Regarding search campaigns, we recommend to use Google AdWords Search campaign better than Bing or Yahoo search campaigns for logical reasons. Google is the world leader in search advertising.

Regarding display campaigns, we also recommend Google AdWords Display campaign even though other display networks can also be evaluated, such as Facebook and LinkedIn depending upon the audience.

Testing A/B should be implemented in both search and display campaigns. We need to know our audience’s behavior very well, and one way to do this is with testing A/B.

Your ad should be in front of your audience in the Zero Moment of Truth as Google calls it. You can achieve this major objective implementing the strategy described above.


This article was written by Julio Sanoja Rial, CEO & Founder of LeAds, a digital marketing and advertising agency that you can visit at

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