Digital Agency has writers but they are not SME´s

We as a digital agency have been designing and executing digital content marketing and digital advertising campaigns for the last 13 years, mainly to small businesses. During these experienced years we have found a common factor among small businesses regarding content development. Small businesses have subject matter experts (SME) but they are not writers, and digital agencies have writers but they are not SME´s.  How do we develop the content for the content marketing campaign if we have the SME´s which are not writers, and we have the writers which are not SME´s? This is our challenge as digital agencies.

Small businesses owners, founders, and managers know very well everything about their industry, competition, customers, products and services. They are good subject matter experts (SME´s). However, most of the time they are not writers or if they are, then they do not have the time to write. So we need a writer that takes all the knowledge from the SME´s head and put it by written in a piece of paper.

Since we need the articles about the business to execute the digital content marketing campaign, then we have a problem to solve. It is so hard for a writer to become a subject matter expert in a not known business. We need both, the SME´s and the writer.

One of the most efficient manners to solve this problem is to place a writer inside the company to interview the small business owners, founders, and managers about all the topics categories and sub-categories previously included in the content strategy. Hiring an external subject matter expert is not a solution, because the real subject matter experts are inside the business. The real subject matter experts are the business owners, founders, and managers. The digital agency writer and the business owners have to work together in this content production phase. With good creativity and good collaboration attitude.

With these interviews material, and with additional business material that the small business may have, then the writer can sit down and begin to write the articles following the content strategy previously designed by the digital agency.

These articles can follow a review methodology by the business owners, founders, and managers. Such a way they completely agree with their content and the way they were written.

As always the most important issue with this process is the design by the digital agency of the content strategy at the beginning of the campaign. For this, we have talked in previous articles about a good methodology for the content strategy, which is to categorize and sub-categorize the following variables for the business: industry, products, services, customer needs, customer types, competition. This methodology will give us the article topics.

Digital Agency
Digital Agency

The content marketing strategy developed by the digital agency also has to comply with the keyword research, so we write for the audience but we also write for the Google search algorithms. We have said it before, content strategy have 2 strategies, topic strategy and keywords strategy. Customers (audience) strategy and Search Algorithms strategy. We have to combine both strategies in a harmonious scientific and artistic manner. This is the job of the digital agency.

Keep in mind that the digital content marketing strategy should always be an academic, educational, and teaching  strategy; if possible written in a storytelling style. The small business wants to “teach the world” about its products and services.  The small business wants to be relevant to the readers, and of course to the search algorithms. They can accomplish this main marketing objective working with a professional and strategic digital agency.

Good quality content is needed for search engine optimization (SEO) and it is also needed to be at the first page of Google search results. Only subject matter experts can produce good quality content, writers cannot. To have an idea of the value of a good quality content article we can mention the current market prices for a 1,000 words article, which goes from USD $ 50 to USD $ 1,000. Obviously, the USD $ 1,000 article is written by a subject matter expert, and the USD $ 50 article is written by a writer who is not a SME.

Following a TED video related to this article marketing and physics:


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Is your business producing content? Is your business designing and executing a digital content marketing campaign? Is your business at the first page of Google search results?

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This article was written by Julio R. Sanoja, SEO Consultant and author at MSalesLeads, a SEO agency in Miami, Florida.

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Julio R. Sanoja
Julio R. Sanoja

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