Digital marketing advices to small business owners

This article is addressed to small business owners. I would like to give you some digital marketing advices for your small business. These advices are included in our previous articles about the four major digital marketing components for small business: Media, Google, Content, and Ads.

Digital marketing advices to small business owners:


Have your domain name registered under your personal name or under your business name. You may use Network Solutions as domain name provider.

Have your website hosting registered under your personal name or under your business name. You may use Network Solution as hosting provider.

Have your website developed with WordPress technology.

Have your blog developed with WordPress technology.

Have a SEO plugin installed in your WordPress website.

Have a business page and a group business page in all social media: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, SlideShare, Twitter, Google Plus, Medium, Quora.

Register your business and website in as many national and local business directories as possible: Yellow Page, Yelp, Merchant Circle.

Register your business and website in the national and local business associations you belong to.


Have a business Gmail account and use it to sign up in all Google marketing products: Search Console, Analytics, AdWords, My Business, MAPS.

Validate your business name, address, and phone (NAP) with Google My Business and MAPS. This will be used by Google for your local SEO.

Encourage your customers to write reviews about your business in Google reviews.

Use the same business name, address, and phone (NAP) in all your media channels, website, blog, social media, directories, business associations, newsletters.

Make your website to comply with all Google Webmaster guidelines and with all Google speed and mobile tests. You can see our previous article about this topic in the following link:


Digital marketing advices
Digital marketing advices



Have a key phrase analysis (KA) for your products, services, and customer needs to know what words and phrases are using your customers and prospects to search for your products and services. Use them in your articles in a natural manner.

Write weekly articles about your products, services, and customer needs and publish them in your website blog and post them in all your social media business pages and business group pages.

Pay attention to social media customers and prospects engagement and reply to all comments.

Deliver your weekly articles to all your prospects and customer using an email newsletter platform such as MailChimp, Constant Contact, or other vendor.

Make a monthly webinar for your prospects and customers using a webinar platform such as Hangouts, Skype, WebEx, Citrix, Adobe.

Have few PR campaigns per year, including digital media interviews.


Have a Google Ads search advertising campaign.

Have a Google Ads display advertising campaign.

Have a Facebook Ads display advertising campaign.

With these digital marketing advices, well designed and executed, you will position your business, products, services, and brand in Google search, Internet, and Social media.

Your prospects and customer will always find, seen, and remembered your business and brand. Your revenue will increase, and your customer and prospects communities will grow.

It takes time and hard work to position a small business in Internet, but it works.

You can read our previous article in the following link:

About the Author:

This article was written by Julio Sanoja Rial, CEO, founder and digital marketing consultant at MSalesLeads, a digital marketing agency for small businesses. We help small businesses to go and grow their businesses online.

Julio Sanoja Rial
Julio Sanoja Rial

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