Digital Marketing Essentials for Miami Small Businesses in 2017

These digital marketing essentials are addressed to Miami small business owners and Miami business professionals. We want to call your attention regarding the digital marketing essentials you need to know and execute in order to grow your businesses online. I hope you like the article and you find it useful for your business.

I will structure the article in the following digital marketing categories:


First task to do in a digital marketing campaign is to know the audience we are going to communicate the message. Who they are, what are their age, gender, profession, job position, interests, and needs. Once we have the audience profile, then we can design the message strategy. The audience profile is also called buyer persona in the digital marketing language.

Sometimes there are two types of audiences or buyer personas, the purchasing influencer and the purchasing decision maker. If this is the case, then we need to write down the profile for both audiences, and the message strategy for both audiences.

The language type you will use for the message will be your audience preferred language type. Colloquial language is always better.

Products, Services and Customer needs

Your Miami small business or business professional products and services that you offer to your customers must be written down in a precise, transparent and coherent manner in all your digital media channels. This is not only important for your prospects and customers but also for the Google search algorithm and other search algorithms. You must have precision, coherence, and transparence when you deliver your products and services list in all your digital media channels, such as websites, blogs, social networks, emails, directories, press releases, listings, communities, associations, and any other digital media channel you may have.

The language type you will use to describe your products and services must be your audience preferred language type. Most of the time, colloquial language is the best.

Content Strategy

To be a subject matter expert is one of the best content strategy for a small business or for a business professional. One way to show to your customers and prospects that you and your business are experts in your products and services, is writing and publishing articles about your products and services, and about your prospects and customer’s needs.

Articles about your business products and services, and how they satisfy your customer and prospects needs have been proved to be one of the best communication strategy for a small business to get trust, confidence, reputation and finally engagement from customers and prospects.

These articles must be written also in colloquial language, easy and quick to read and with all types of engagement and interaction tools such as like, comment, share, email, reviews, and so on, that today’s technology allows.

The articles must be originally published in your business WordPress website blog, and then post it in all your social network business pages. Also, these articles should be sent to all your prospects and customers by email marketing campaigns.

Articles will give your business authority in front of your prospects and customers and also the articles will give you authority in front of Google search algorithm. Sooner or later, after few months writing, publishing and posting these articles, your business will be in the first pages of Google search results when prospects search for your products or services to satisfy a need they have.

You have to be relevant to your audience with your articles. Your articles have to be relevant to your audience. Your articles should solve and satisfy your prospects and customer’s needs. Relevance will cause engagement. Engagement will help your customers and prospects satisfy their needs and also engagement will help your business to rank well in Google search results.

Be relevant to your audience with your content production and distribution.


Three types of digital media are available for a Miami small businesses and for a Miami business professional: owned media, paid media, and earned media.

Owned media

Owned media is the media that can be designed, developed, and maintained by your own business. Your WordPress website developed complying with Google Webmaster Guidelines, WordPress Blog, Landing pages, LinkedIn business page, LinkedIn group page, Facebook business page, Facebook group page, Twitter business page, Instagram business page, Google plus business page, Google Community page, Google My Business page, Google Search Console account, Google Analytics account, Google AdWords account, Google Maps account, Medium author page, Reedit author page, Quora author page, Free Business Directory Listings, Free Business Associations listings, Guess Blog pages.

In your owned media you will create your prospects and customer’s communities where you can serve them in a frequent and kind manner.

One key aspect when you are publishing your business information, name, address, and phone (NAP), is to be coherent with that information. Meaning, that your business name, address, and phone must be equal in all your media. These will help Google to rank your business in the first pages of Google search results in your local geographic business area. Your business must be NAP coherent across all the Internet in all your media digital channels.

Be coherent with your NAP information across all your digital channels.

Paid media

Paid media is the media you pay for. Press releases, interviews, paid articles, sponsored content, paid directory listings, paid business association listings. Paid media is content and business information you pay to be published in your local media, local newspapers, local directories, local associations, and news websites.

Earned media

Earned media is the media you earn due to the quality of your own content (articles). Republishes, reposts, shares, reviews, comments. You earn these media thanks to your articles.

Owned, paid, and earned media will give your business enough links to your website to gain authority in front of Google search algorithm. This Google authority plus your published articles will give your business the first page of Google search results when your local prospects and customers search for your products and services. Content and links, as Google says, are the two most important variables to rank your business in the first pages of Google search results.


Your business will need ad campaigns since media, content, and ads are the three main components of a digital marketing campaign. Your business basically will need to have two ad campaigns: A Google AdWords search campaign and a Google AdWords Display campaign. You might also have a Facebook display campaign depending upon your audience.

A Google AdWords search campaign will place your business at the first page of Google search results when your prospects and customers search for your products and services, and the Google AdWords display campaign will place your business all over the Internet in front of your prospects and customer’s eyes, when they browse Internet or Apps.

These two Google AdWords campaigns, plus the articles strategy will make your business to be found, seen, and remembered. Your business top of mind awareness will be high in the mind of your prospects and customers.

Media, content and ads will help your business to grow online successfully.


You have to go with the leaders when choosing technology suppliers or vendors. Google is number one in Internet, so your business must have all Google marketing products installed. WordPress is leader in website technology, and as Matt Cutts, former Google Spam Team chief said, WordPress takes care of 80% of SEO (search engine optimization). It is recommended that your website and blog will be developed in WordPress technology. PR Newswire is leader in press releases. MailChimp is leader in email marketing. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Quora, Reddit, Medium, are all leaders in their social network business area.


Digital Marketing Essentials
Digital Marketing Essentials



Your WordPress business website and blog must be optimized for mobiles. Most of the todays search and browse is made in mobiles. Google has few tests for mobile and website speed that your business website must pass:


Your media, content and ads must be focused in your local business area. Whether it is a region, a state, or a city, all your media, content and ads must be written, addresses and targeted to your business geographic area. Being local you will help your business to be found, seen, and remembered by your prospects and customer in your geographic area.

Be focused with your content and ad geographic targeting.


All your content and media must have engagement tools, such as like, comment, share, email, post, click through, reviews, testimonials, and others interactions that are all available in today’s technologies. Make all of them available to your prospects and customers in all your media, content and ads. Your business need engagement with your prospects and customers. Engagement is one of Google important variables in ranking your business in the first page of search results.


As in any business activity, you need to be perseverant with your digital marketing campaigns. Digital marketing is a business activity that must be executed in a constant and frequent manner. Digital marketing must be a permanent business activity, year after year. Takes time to position your business in Internet. You need to be perseverant, it is not free. Takes planning, strategy, effort, budget. Being perseverant will make your business always to be found, seen and remembered by your prospects and customers in your geographic area. You will always be there to satisfy your customers and prospects needs, whenever they want to buy, want to go, want to do, want to know. This is what Google calls Zero Moment of Truth. You want to be in front of your customer’s eyes whenever they are in the moment of truth.

Testing and adjusting

Finally, all digital marketing campaigns, must be tested and adjusted in a frequent and permanent manner. Takes time to know very well your audience and Google. It is experimenting, testing, and adjusting all your digital marketing campaigns that you get to perform well with time. Do not be afraid with experimenting, testing and adjusting your marketing campaigns.

We hope these digital marketing essentials will help you to grow your business online.


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