Google Marketing Live Keynote 2022 Highlights

Google Marketing Live Keynote 2022 Highlights

These are the highlights from the Google Marketing Live Keynote 2022 conference held at Mountain View, California on May the 24th, 2022.

You can view the complete Google Marketing Live Keynote 2022 in YouTube

Google Marketing Live Keynote 2022 Highlights:

  1. Google continue developing solutions to accomplish its timeless mission: “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful”.
  2. We continue improving automation in Google Ads campaigns.
  3. Artificial Intelligence driven automation is the future of advertising.
  4. We continue improving Insights in Google Ads campaigns.
  5. Google wants to build the future of marketing together with their customers through successful case studies.
  6. The sum total of human knowledge is available worldwide in every language.
  7. Google Ads team is working in three categories to improve performance: reimagine what is possible; drive results today through automation; build resilience for tomorrow.
  8. We are transforming the Search results page into an endless stream of visual ideas, rich and visual content, so you can browse images, articles and videos to help satisfy your curiosity online.
  9. We are transforming the search results page in a more visual search experience, for both organic and paid results.
  10. We are introducing this year 2022 Google Audiences (geographic, demographic, affinity, in-market and custom audiences) for Connected TV in Display and Video 360.
  11. Video Ads will shortly be available for Connected TV, YouTube Shorts and Discovery.
  12. We are improving Performance Max Campaigns so your Ads can be shown to the right audience at the right time in any Google channel: Search, Display, YouTube, Maps, Gmail, Discovery.
  13. Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven advertising is our future.
  14. Advertisers that have used Performance Max in their account have seen an increasement of 13% in total incremental conversions at a similar CPA.
  15. We are adding new Insights and Explanations to your campaigns so you can understand what is working and why.
  16. We are adding more transparency into Automation.
  17. Performance Max will be included in Optimization Score.
  18. We are introducing experiment tools to Performance Max which means advertisers will be able to run A/B test for each campaign.
  19. We are introducing search and conversion lift tests, including geographic experiments in Google Ads, Display and 360.
  20. We are using machine learning and automation to improve business results with Google Ads, and deliver the right information, to the right people, at the right time and in the right format. This is a lot to do and Google is working to get there with Google Ads.
  21. Search Responsive Ads takes high relevant content from the landing page to create the Ads copy.
  22. The Google search users will be allowed to message businesses directly from search Ads. Feature will be called Google Business Message and open Beta version will be launched by the end of year 2022.
  23. Assets Library in Google Ads will be available to all advertisers.
  24. Assets Library will be able to make a video for your YouTube campaigns in 60 seconds.
  25. Google Ads Insights will show real trends in customer behavior.
  26. Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven automation is the future of advertising.
  27. Customers are using Google and HubSpot partnership to better measure attribution and customer journey data.
  28. Google is implementing one Tag for all measurements.
  29. There are 4.9 billion people using internet every day and there are 1 billion people shopping in Google every day.
  30. People are experiencing omnichannel purchasing experience by searching for nearby me products and purchasing on brick and mortar stores.
  31. Two thirds of US shopper say they first started their shopping online by searching near me.
  32. People are becoming omnibuyers and omnichanel shoppers. It is important today, more than ever before, that businesses have a strong digital presence, with highly visual content.
  33. Browsing time has blended with shopping time.
  34. Google is working to create delightful shopping experience all over the world, reimagining what is possible, driving results today and building resilience for tomorrow.
  35. Today more than ever it is important for brands to produce, publish and distribute highly visual quality and relevant content in text, image and video formats. Google will take these contents to display your products on the first page of Google search results when people shop on Google search. Google is displaying visual product feed on the first page of Google search results and your brand needs to be there with high quality visual content.
  36. Google is using augmented reality (AR) to display your products in 3D. Furniture industry is a good example for this feature.
  37. Google has partnered with Shopify, BigCommerce and WooCommerce so all type of businesses, small, medium or large can have a professional ecommerce presence on Internet and on Google search results.
  38. Customers recommend Google Channel App in Shopify to better measure customer data.
  39. Nonlinear shopping pattern is the new normal, meaning that no two shoppers are the same or predictable. Their customer journey is different for everyone.
  40. Omnichannel shoppers are incredible valuable. Last holydays, omnichannel shoppers used an average of five channels to inform their decision and complete the holydays shopping. Omnichannel shoppers purchase two times more than one channel shoppers.
  41. To help omnichannel shoppers and brands, Google is testing highly visual and immersive Ads experience in search. This feature will be available this 2022 holyday season.
  42. It is recommended that brands use images and videos in their website products pages, product feeds and in their YouTube channel. Google will use these highly visual products assets to display them in search Ads.
  43. Product feeds will appear in Search, YouTube and Shorts.
  44. Customers are watching physical and online store as one store.
  45. Performance Max is a new Ads feature that allows advertisers to show the Ads to shoppers in all Google channels: Search, Display, YouTube, Discover, Maps and Gmail. All fully power by automation. Performance Max replaced Smart Shopping.
  46. Google will be able to measure engagement and shopping in both the physical store and in the online store.
  47. Brands that have used Performance Max with automation have increased their impressions, CTR, conversions and sales by more than 50%.
  48. Google is implementing a feature called Checkout on Merchant for shoppers to click on the search Ads or product feed and go directly to the checkout page for a faster checkout experience. Google is testing this feature with Shopify and Walmart.


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