How can a business owner be a Google author?

How can a business owner publish his expertise stories?

How can a business owner position his business in Internet?

How can a business owner avoid  the penalty to be positioned in Internet as a junk content producer?


By hiring a writer and meeting with him 3 times a week to tell him stories about his products, services and how they have been satisfying his customers’ needs for years.

Business owners are subject matter experts (SME) about their products, services, and customer’s needs; but they are not writers, and if they are writers, they are too busy to write. So, they need to hire a writer to publish their expertise stories, in order to position his business in Internet.

Writers are not subject matter experts (SME) neither.

Business owners have to work together with writers to gain Google authorship and position their businesses in Internet and digital media.

As we wrote it in our previous article, content is one of the 3 main constituents of a digital campaign for small businesses.

First thing to do before the business owner begins to tell his stories to the writer, is to categorized and sub-categorized all the products, services, and customer needs, so we have a writing plan. Then the business owners can begin to tell stories to the writer about each one of these sub-categories and categories for the products, services, and customer needs.


Google Author
Google Author


This is an intense 2 to 3 years’ task at the beginning, in order to reach at least 400 articles. After this goal is reached, intensity may go down a bit. However, this is permanent task, even at low intensity.

Each of these article, must be produced, post, publish, promote, and position in Internet, as we wrote in one of our past articles:

Business owners need to prove their authorship to Google, and the only way to do this task, is by writing and publishing articles about their products, services, and customer needs, in a permanent manner.


This article was written by Julio Sanoja Rial, CEO & Founder of LeAds, a Google AdWords agency that you can visit at

You can read our previous article in the following link:


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