How can a digital consulting firm help small businesses?

A digital consulting firm can help small businesses by designing and executing a digital marketing strategy for them.

The role of the digital consulting firm is to execute a digital marketing consulting to diagnose where the small business is currently in terms of digital positioning and what to do to take the small business where it wants to be in terms of digital marketing positioning. Fill the gap.

Consulting and strategy first, execution later.

During the consulting phase, the digital consulting firm should design a questioner made specifically for the small business, with questions to know the different small business areas: business information, products and services, customer needs, customer’s profiles, purchasing decision makers, purchasing influencers, geographic market areas, languages, competition, digital media assets, digital content assets, google guidelines auditing, google marketing products auditing, nation seo auditing, local seo auditing, advertising campaigns auditing.

This information will be analyzed by the consulting firm and then a thinking process will be executed to be able to design the digital marketing strategy.

Most of the time, every digital marketing strategy consist of 3 tactic components and 1 strategic component. The tactic components are digital media, google guidelines and marketing products, and advertising campaigns. The strategic component is the digital content production and distribution. What type of content will be produced? Where the content will be distributed? These are the two basic questions regarding content production and distribution.


Digital Consulting Firm
Digital Consulting Firm


With these four components in place, media, content, google, and ads, and with a permanent and frequent content production and distribution, the small business will be position in Internet, search engines, social media, apps, and all digital media. The small business then will be found, seen, and remembered by their prospects and customers. New businesses opportunities will arrive. Customer satisfaction and customer service will improve. Revenue will grow. Brand awareness will increase.

Our final recommendation to small businesses is to execute a digital marketing consulting with a digital consulting firm as the first task for the digital marketing campaign.


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About the Author:

This article was written by Julio Sanoja Rial, CEO, founder and digital marketing consultant at MSalesLeads, a digital marketing agency for small businesses. We help small businesses to go and grow their businesses online.

Julio Sanoja Rial
Julio Sanoja Rial

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