How can a digital marketing consultant help a small business owner?

A digital marketing consultant can help a small business owner by positioning his small business in Internet, so his prospects and customers can find and contact him whenever they need him. This is what is called Inbound Marketing.

Ho to position a small business in Internet?

By strategically designing, developing, launching and maintaining what we call the four major components of a digital marketing campaign: Media, Content, Google guidelines and marketing products and Ads.

Media, Google marketing products and Ads are the tactic components, and Content is the strategic component.


Media is where small business can publish and post owned content. There are three types of media, owned, paid and earned.

Owned media are those digital media that can be designed, developed and maintained by the small business. These include website, blog, social network business pages, social network group pages, email newsletter service, webinars service.

Paid media are those media that can be paid to publish content. These include PR campaigns, Directory listings, Business association listing.

Earned media are those media that cannot be either owned nor paid, but earned. These include the likes, comment, share, post, retweet, links, follow, review, testimonials, clicks, virality, and all type of small business content user engagement. Small business earns media by producing, publishing and posting great educational and useful content for his prospects and customers.


Content is the strategic component of a small business digital marketing campaign. Content is the component that educates, inspires and increases awareness to prospects and customers.

Content for a business to consumer small business (B2C) can be produced in different visual formats, such as images, pictures, videos.

Content for a business to business small business (B2B) should be produced in article format.

Content production and distribution must be a permanent and frequent task. Must be addressed to the small business audience, prospects and customers. Should be produced to educate, inspire and increase prospects and customer awareness.

Content should be published first at the small business website blog, and then should be distributed in all the small business social network pages and email newsletter. Can also be distributed with a paid PR campaign.

Google guidelines and marketing products

A small business needs to setup and launch the following Google marketing products, which will help to position the small business in Internet: Gmail, Analytics, AdWords, Tag Manager, My Business, MAPS, Google Plus, Search Console, AdWords Remarketing, AdWords Conversion, Communities.

Small business must also comply with the Google Webmaster, Website and Links building guidelines.

All these Google marketing products must be setup with the small business Gmail account, and not with the agency Gmail account, so the small business owns the right to use these products.


Small business digital marketing
Small business digital marketing




Small business needs a digital advertising campaign since to complement the content marketing campaign.

There are two types of digital advertising, search and display. Google is the leader in search advertising, and Google and Facebook are the leaders in display advertising.

A small business should have both, a Google AdWords search advertising campaign and a Google AdWords and Facebook display advertising campaign.

A small business will be positioned in Internet after these four digital marketing components and in place and running well. Benefits are many such as customer satisfaction, customer communities, customer service improvement, lead generation, revenue increase.

Takes time, effort, and a reasonable budget to achieve this important small business objective, but it is key in the small business future progress.

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About the Author:

This article was written by Julio Sanoja Rial, CEO, Founder and digital marketing consultant at MSalesLeads, a digital marketing agency for small businesses. We help small businesses to go and grow their businesses online.

Julio Sanoja Rial
Julio Sanoja Rial

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