How ok2go got 40 qualified leads in one month using LinkedIn Sponsored Content campaigns? Case Study.

How ok2go got 40 qualified leads in one month?

On October 12, 2017 David Stone, Director at ok2go Latam, contacted us to request help for the following need: “I need someone to help me put some adds in LinkedIn and other social medias to look for distributors in Latin America, this has to be in Spanish”.

Ok2go needed distributors in Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, and Argentina.

Ok2go develops and sells software and apps for human resources presence and assistance control.

Ok2go wants to develop the Latin America market by selling through local distributors in each of the mentioned countries.

Distributors must be local companies, and must be IT distributors, and/or payroll outsourcing companies.

From October 12 to October 16 David and I talked several times by phone, email, and LinkedIn message to agree upon the price and scope of our services.

On October 17 we began the consulting and strategy phase.

On October 21 we delivered strategy and proposal.

The strategy we designed was based upon two LinkedIn Sponsored Content campaigns. One campaign, targeting IT companies by industry type, in the mentioned countries. The other campaign, targeting payroll outsourcing companies in the mentioned countries, by company name.

On October 22 we began the LinkedIn banner design.

On October 30 we launched the two LinkedIn Sponsored Content campaigns.

From October 30 until December 3 ok2go obtained 40 qualified leads from Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Argentina, with an advertising investment of USD $ 607.42 giving a cost per lead of $ 15.18 per lead.

On December 4 we paused the campaign because ok2go had enough qualified leads and enough work to convert those leads in distributors.

By the date we are writing this article, December 12, ok2go has 2 qualified leads for distributors in each of the following countries: Mexico, Colombia, Peru, and Argentina.

Only one month, and 2 LinkedIn Sponsored Content campaigns was enough to get the distributors needed for ok2go to develop the Latin America market for the ok2go products and services. With an investment of only $ 607.42 in advertising.

LinkedIn Sponsored Content campaigns is a very efficient tool to get qualified leads for B2B campaigns.



Qualified Leads
Qualified Leads



Qualified Leads
Qualified Leads


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About the Author:

This article was written by Julio Sanoja Rial, CEO, founder and digital marketing consultant at MSalesLeads, a digital marketing agency for B2B small businesses. We help B2B small businesses to go and grow their businesses online. We help B2B small businesses to get qualified sales leads online.

Julio Sanoja
Julio Sanoja

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