How to increase traffic to your website?

There are many ways to increase traffic to a company website, but today we will focus on one: Google search results

There are two ways to appear at the first pages of Google search results:

  1. Launching a Google Ads search campaign:

Advertising campaigns on Google search automatically position your company at the top places of Google search results.

These advertising campaigns can be targeted by product, service, country, keywords and are paid under the cost-per-click (CPC) model, meaning the advertiser pays Google each time a user clicks on the ad. Publishing the ad is free of cost.

  1. Doing search engine optimization (SEO) to the company website

You must do the following tasks to position a company website at the first pages of Google organic search results:

  • It is recommended to develop the website with WordPress

technology, as recommended by Matt Cutts, former head of the Web Spam Team at Google in the following video:

  • The website must have a WordPress Blog where the weekly

content of the company is published in the format of articles related to the company’s products and services and containing the key words and phrases related to those products and services.

  • Add and verify the company website to the Google Search Console. You can see the details in the following link:

  • Post the articles at the company social networks business pages, and also at the articles author social networks pages. Main social networks are: Google My Business, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram.
  • Send the articles links to the customer email database registered in the company newsletter. This increases the content distribution in social networks and favors the positioning in Google.

With these tasks it is possible to position the company website at the first pages of Google search results, when a person performs a Google search using some of the words or phrases related to the company’s products and services.


traffic to a website
traffic to a website


To review the company website traffic statistics, you must create a Google Analytics account for the company and add the Google Analytics code to the company website. For more detail on this topic you can visit the following link:

SEO Management is very important for your online rankings. Linkio is a powerful automation tool for backlink planning that takes the repetitive and tedious work out of setting up link building campaigns.”

This article was written by Julio Sanoja Rial, CEO & Founder of LeAds, a Google AdWords agency in Miami, that you can visit at You can write me to   or you can call me to 305-918-9793.

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