How to write the author E-A-T information in the digital era?

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This article was written on September 19, 2019., by Julio R. Sanoja

This article is based on ideas I took from the September 13, 2019 Moz Whiteboard Friday, given by Marie Haynes from Marie Haynes Consulting. Thanks Marie for such a valuable information. I also took other ideas and other information from the Google Quality Rating Guidelines 2019 edition document.

Google has more than 10,000 people all over the world, that work daily as web pages and websites quality raters. These raters follow the Google Rating Guidelines, which is a 164 pages’ document to train raters how to rate a web page and a website. These web pages and websites ratings help Google to improve the search algorithm and the search results.

Web page and website quality rating is primarily based on the content quality and the content author E-A-T, where E stands for author Expertise; A stands for author Authoritativeness; and T stands for author Trustworthiness.

Quality rating for a web page and a website can be Low, Medium, or High; depending on how is the author E-A-T, and how is the content quality and how it helps to the purpose of the web page and how it helps to solve the webpage user need. If any of the author E-A-T is low quality, then the web page or website rating will be low quality. If the content is low quality, then the web page or website will be low quality.

For a web page and a website to be medium quality, or high quality, the content author E-A-T for that web page and for that website must be medium or high for all 3 author attributes, E-A-T. Also, the content quality must be medium or high quality.

Google quality raters need to have at hand all the author information about his or her E-A-T, therefore, it is recommended that authors include this information at the end of each content they produce for the web pages and for the website.

Author information recommended to show Expertise:

  • Author Bio
  • Link to author personal LinkedIn profile

Author information recommended to show Authoritativeness:

  • Author books published
  • Author articles published
  • Author papers, essays, and scientific work published
  • Author other texts published
  • Recommendations from other experts
  • Recommendations from specialized media

Author information recommended to show Trustworthiness:

  • Author contact information
  • Author case studies
  • Recommendations from LinkedIn
  • Reviews from Google My Business
  • Brands the author has worked for and with.

All this author information can be a template placed at each of the web pages and website content footer.





How To Write The Author EAT Information In The Digital Era
How To Write The Author EAT Information In The Digital Era


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Julio R. Sanoja
Julio R. Sanoja