Internet marketing media every small business should have

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Internet marketing media every small business should have.

Your Internet marketing agency should design, configure, launch and maintain the following digital media for your business, which you will need for your digital content marketing strategy. None of the following digital companies charge for these digital media, they are free of charge. You will only have to pay your Internet marketing agency for the design, configuration, launching and maintenance of these digital media.

WordPress: Website, Blog with a SEO plugin, Newsletter, AMP plugin.

Google: Gmail account, Google My Business page with address validation, Google Reviews, Google MAPS, Google Business Listing, Google Communities business page, Google Communities groups, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, YouTube business channel, Google mobile-friendly test validation, Google Page Speed test validation.

Facebook: Facebook business page, Facebook business group page, Facebook groups, Instagram business page.

LinkedIn: LinkedIn business page, LinkedIn business group page, LinkedIn groups

Twitter: Twitter business page.


Internet Marketing
Internet Marketing


Internet is many things as we have said in previous articles, but mainly it is two things. First it is a global digital mass media communication platform, and second it is a global ecommerce platform. Few companies have positioned themselves in the last few years as leaders in these two business industries. In the global mass media communication business the following companies have positioned as leaders: Google, Facebook, LinkedIn (recently acquired by Microsoft), and Twitter. In the global ecommerce platform business the following companies have positioned as leaders: Amazon, eBay.

We will not discuss about the ecommerce business in this article, but we will only concentrate in the global mass media communication business.

These Internet media companies leaders (Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) since the beginning of their business operations saw Internet as a global mass media communication platform, therefore they saw the Internet as an advertising business opportunity. In order to have a global successful advertising business, these companies needed millions of users in their platform, so they could sell these users profiles to the global advertisers. Google got its billions users offering the search platform for free, and offering the Google AdSense business for free to the websites owners. Facebook got its billions users offering the Facebook social platform for free to the users. LinkedIn got its millions users offering the professional platform for free to the users. Twitter got its millions users offering the text message platform for free to the users. Having billions and millions of users, now these companies can sell these users profiles to the global advertisers, for their advertising campaigns, which are still low ROI and low accuracy campaigns, but which will improve in the future years. We will dedicate a future article to discuss about the advertising products that these global leaders companies offer to the small businesses.


Internet Marketing
Internet Marketing


This global Internet advertising business leader’s strategy allows the small business to have its Internet media in these platforms for free, and allows the small business to publish its contents in these Internet media platforms for free. Small businesses have now the opportunity to execute their content Internet marketing campaigns using these global Internet media platforms for free in order to capture business leads for their business. The paradox appears when small businesses realize that their content does not last very much in the timeline of these media platform, making them realize that at the end they will need the advertising products from these global leaders if they want to get their message to the global users. However, there is a benefit in the content Internet marketing strategy for any small business using these global media platform, which is getting the first page of Google search results.

Ideally any small business Internet marketing strategy should consist of two things, a content strategy and an advertising strategy. Both strategies will use these global advertising companies’ content platform and advertising products. Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are the Internet marketing and Internet advertising allies for any small business that want to position its brand, products and services in Internet. Small businesses can use these global content media platforms for free and at the same time can advertise their products and services to billions and millions of people around the world, using these global leaders advertising products: Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads. Content plus Ads is the winning strategy in Internet.

Following 2  TED videos about social media:



Is your business at the first page of Google search results? Is your business executing an Internet marketing strategy?

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