Lead Generation Services Can Make AdWords Work for You

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Lead generation services can take your site to a new level

If you own a business, Google AdWords should be used by your lead generation services for maximum exposure. The majority of prospective clients and customers go to Google Search to look up a business. If you are not found in the top few pages, then they will most likely choose one of your competitors. Using Google AdWords to nail down the search terms that are most commonly used can be a game changer for your business. The economic impact that it can make can be the one you will never have expected.

The Economic Impact of Google AdWords https://www.google.com/adwords/

When we are trying to determine the economic impact of AdWords, there are two conservative methods we can use. A business that uses AdWords will generally bring in $2 of profit for every $1 spent. This estimate is based on cost per click activity across a large group of Google’s advertisers, which means that you will double your profit by using AdWords in this way.

The second way we can look at the impact was published in the International Journal of Internet Marketing and Advertising in 2009. It stated that a business will receive an average of 5 clicks when someone is searching for them, but only an average of 1 click on ads. Their assumption is that search clicks bring in as much money as ad clicks, so this would mean a business would get back $11 in profit for every $1 spent on AdWords.


To be even more conservative, we can look at Google’s estimates. A search click may not bring as much value as an ad click, so Google estimates a search click is about 70% as valuable as an ad click. This means that advertisers receive eight times the profit as they spend on AdWords. Whichever assumption you choose to believe, it is clear that Google AdWords can have a huge economic impact upon your business.

Your lead generation services can help you to make the most of Google AdWords. As you can see from the above information, if you want to take your business to the next level financially, AdWords is something you want to consider and having the expertise of a lead generation company, you can ensure that everything is done to give you the biggest impact.

Lead generation services and the power of Google https://www.thinkwithgoogle.com/

Google is the top of the heap, as far as search engines. One study found that more Google searches are done on mobile devices than on computers. This means you, as a business, want to market to these prospective clients and customers in a way that will catch their attention and gain their business.

Consumers want it now. This means you want to answer their needs at the moment, whether they are at home or work on their computer or at the park using their mobile device. Whether looking at cars, for a hotel, a mortgage, or a new pair of shoes, finding a provider has never been easier. This is why you want to make the right decisions to ensure that your business is one they consider. Google searches can bring up hundreds of thousands of results – you want to be near the top to get noticed. This is what lead generation services can offer you.

With Google AdWords, your business can take advantage of the program to find the right ads for your prospective clients or customer’s needs. Dynamic search ads will show relevant ads that are based on your website’s content. No more do you need to manage keywords and hope they get you noticed.

Marketing With Purpose

You can market your business and get no real results from it. With Google AdWords, you can ensure that everything done matters, from the first impression of your website to the conversion. Ranking in the search engines near the top is not only about your site, it is also about ranking for images, ranking for videos, and ranking in Google Shopping, which can all add up to more revenue for your business.

The goal is to get your business found, and Google is the #1 place you want to start in meeting this goal. While there are those who claim AdWords does not help a business, there are thousands more who tell of how it saved their business and/or took it to a new level financially. Having information about what people are looking for, how sales are generated, and what they are clicking on can give you the leads you are looking for.

Being relevant in today’s market is essential, as the market changes from day to day. Real-time results can allow you to tweak your plan to ensure you are getting maximum results. Whether you are doing more location dependent targeting or international targeting, your lead generation services can set up your AdWords to fit what you are trying to achieve. The location targeting can be one of the most useful and essential parts of implementing a successful and meaningful pay per click campaign, especially if you have a service oriented business.

The high ROI of Google AdWords is a large reason many people choose to use it, however, if it is not used correctly and with thought, it can be wasted money. Many people claim to be experts in the use of AdWords, but few understand how to use it to its fullest level.

LeAds is a lead generation services company that specializes in Google Search and AdWords. By giving them a call, you can make sure that your company is relevant and in a position that will get you noticed on Google and, thus, by prospective customers and clients. By taking advantage of AdWords, you can see your business grow into something that you may never have imagined.

This article was written by the LeAds copywriter team. LeAds is a Google Lead Generation Services Agency (www.google.com), specialized in Google AdWords and Google SEO, in the United States. Please visit our website at www.msalesleads.com for more information about making Google Search and AdWords work for your business.

“The data in this article was based on the Google USA Report 2014.”

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