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Lead Providers and Google Help Boost Kentucky Business and Non-Profits

Lead Providers and Google to increase sales or donations in Kentucky

The power of Google is at the fingertips of every single person in the world. If you own a business or are over a foundation or non-profit, if you are not taking advantage of what Google has to offer, you are really missing out. There is a great deal of opportunity in the Internet world to increase your customer base, as well as your profits. Lead providers can help you to set your site up in such a way as to make the most of your site and your marketing plan.

Lead Providers Make All the Difference

Kentucky Businesses Using AdWords or AdSense Seeing Big Gains

When you make your website, you think that is all that you need to do to get noticed on the Internet. However, this is not the case. If you do not use the right keywords when users input a search term, you may not come up in the top few pages of search results or even at all. Most people do not look beyond the first couple of pages of search results, which means you need to do everything you can to be near the top.

Lead Providers
Lead Providers

Lead providers can be the difference between increasing your traffic and not. They understand the Google Search algorithms, which can be a big part of getting your site in the top search results. They will use Google AdWords (https://support.google.com/adwords/) to find the right keyword terms and phrases, and use Google Analytics to allow them to watch the progress to tweak and change your marketing program. This is a huge help to a business starting out and to one that has been open for a while.

Kentucky Company Finds Big Success Due to Google

When Sean and Lisa Higgins began their business, Mint Julep Tours, in 2008, they knew it wasn’t really an ideal time to start a business. They decided to step out anyway and began offering tours of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, the city of Louisville, and Kentucky Horse Farms. “The inspiration was to create a family-oriented business focused on entertainment and showing people what makes Kentucky so great,” says Sean.

The custom tours that Mint Julep Tours offer allow the visitors to see what the state was built on, from the distilleries to the Kentucky Derby. Their goal was to turn Louisville, Kentucky into “Napa Valley for bourbon.” They understood that their online presence was what would make the difference. Sean says that their growth is about 70% annually, and it is largely attributed to “our people, unique services, and who we are on the web.”

Lead Providers
Lead Providers

They use Google AdWords to help advertise their business. “AdWords allowed us to directly target those interested in our marketplace,” Sean explains. They also used other Google tools, including Google Analytics to help them to get their name out there. YouTube was one resource that allows them to have unique video content that will draw visitors to their business.

The partnerships they have made are essential. “You can directly equate at least 30 percent of our growth to the tools and advantages that the Internet has established,” and “we couldn’t have done it without them or Google,” says Sean. Now, Sean is looking to other online tools to help them to grow even further. “I hope to provide more of a self-service model as we progress. I’d like to move more to the web to let people get what they want when they want it.” If their prospective customers can do this, it will allow Sean and his team to offer even more amazing experiences that people will want to enjoy. “Word of mouth is of more value than anything else, and that conversation is now happening on the web,” Sean said.

Lead Providers
Lead Providers

Being Part of the Web Is Essential

If your business or non-profit has not moved to offering goods or services on the web, or at least information, then you are definitely missing out on a big opportunity. No matter how big you are locally, you are not taking full advantage of the Internet world if you do not have a presence online, which can make your business stronger and more profitable.

With over $290 million worth of business done over the web in Kentucky alone, you are sure to want a piece of the pie. Join the 11,000 Kentucky businesses and non-profits who used Google AdWords and AdSense in 2014 and made the most of the Internet and your web presence.

Businesses and Non-Profits Can Benefit From Google Advertising Tools https://www.thinkwithgoogle.com/

Non-profits depend upon the donations they get to do the work that the do. When donations do not meet goals, then things that are planned or need to be done have to be cut. This can be a big deal to those who are depending upon the services offered. The good news is there is a new way to get donations, and that is through the Internet. If you are not using your website to solicit donations you are truly missing out.

Google Ad Grants program offered almost $1 million in free advertising to 48 Kentucky non-profits. Whether you go through this program, or you choose one of the leads providers that are out there, it can mean the difference in your services to those that you take care of or serve.

It doesn’t matter if you have been in business for years or if you just started, Internet advertising can make or break your business. By finding lead providers, like LeAds, you can find the guidance you want and need to move your website up in the search engine rankings and ensure you are getting leads that are of good quality and relevant to what service or product that you offer.

This article was written by the LeAds copywriter team. LeAds is a Google Lead Providers, specializing in Google AdWords https://www.google.com/adwords/ and Google SEO, in the United States. Please visit our website at www.msalesleads.com for more information about making Google Search and AdWords work for your business.

“The data and the images in this article was based on the Google USA Report 2014.”

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