Pay Per Click Experts and Google in Wisconsin

Pay Per Click Experts in Wisconsin Use Google to Help Your Next Customer Find You

Pay Per Click Experts in Wisconsin know the importance of Google to help new customers find you and the unique experience your business will offer.

Pay Per Click Experts are necessary in helping you make sure your next customer finds you. These experts understand the internet and the best methods of advertising for your business in order to attract old and new customers alike. These experts know how search engines operate and know when to utilize organic SEO options versus Paid Per Click options. And a true pay per click expert will utilize the knowledge he or she has to market your company without breaking the bank.

The difference between a pay per click expert and other marketing companies is the knowledge and expertise surrounding marketing on the web with a tight budget. You, as the business owner, do not want or need to pay for your ad to simply sit on a page. Instead, pay per click experts will create a campaign for your business in which you only pay for the ad if it is clicked on. These experts will also help avoid an influx of inappropriate clicks from people simply exploring the web, and craft a campaign that truly markets to your key clientele.

When searching for pay per click experts, make sure they have a background in providing excellent and viable leads for businesses. These leads should result in business at least 50% of the time. Some ways to determine the experts are generating viable leads for their clients is looking at the statistics of the company’s growth since beginning its relationship with the expert. Some examples of positive growth include:

  • Increased Revenue;
  • Increased sales force;
  • Stronger Web Presence; and
  • Stronger Physical presence in more than one location.

And Much More!

A bonus benefit of pay per click experts is the experts will not only understand the internet and its general marketing algorithms, but they will understand your market specifically, whether you wish to target consumers on one of the coasts, the middle of the country, or overseas. Pay per click experts will know how your market shops online and how to make that work for you.

Fromagination and Google in Wisconsin

Some companies cater to the recreational and travel industries within their home states. Fromagination is one of those companies, offering a unique experience and a glimpse into the food industry that Wisconsin is known for, including, cheese shops, microbreweries, and chocolatiers. While collaborating with local businesses, his shop provides a unique European-style evening for locals and travelers alike. “Customers come in and start dancing around to the music as they sip a glass of wine and taste our cheese,” says Ken Monteleone, owner of the shop. “We knew we had created something that’s special and memorable, an experience we hope lives beyond just that piece of cheese they’re tasting.”

Ken worked as a shoe buyer for 23 years. Then, in 2007, he knew he needed a life change, and opened Fromagination on Madison’s Capital Square. Now he sells Wisconsin’s finest to visitors from all over the world. Part of his success is credited to this e-commerce website he opened in 2014, in which he is able to maintain his close relationship with his customers even after they have returned home.

Ken has found success using Google Tools to grow his business and customer base. For instance, Google My Business has given out-of-town visitors an opportunity to be introduced to the shop virtually before visiting once in town. “It’s very important to take advantage of the tool and make sure that the site’s up-to-date. You need to post your best text and pictures to put your best foot forward before customers walk into the shop.” Some of the Google Tools Ken finds useful are:

  • Google My Business
  • Google Analytic
  • Google Gmail
  • Google Adwords

…And More.

Ken credits Google Analytics for helping him keep track of what is actually working to bring customers to his store. “It helps drive a lot of decisions. It’s really the tool we look at weekly to evaluate how different promotions are working.”

Pay Per Click Experts
Pay Per Click Experts

Since its inception, Fromagination has partnered with 35 cheesemaker partners and has been named one of America’s best cheese shops by Travel + Leisure, as well as earned praise from the Food Network, The New York Times, and other national media outlets. Even more importantly, he sees double-digit growth annually and has branched out into providing favors for wedding and parties and even holds wine and cheese receptions. “I always look at how we can stand out as a world-class retailer, even though we’re a little homespun, locally owned business. The internet will continue to play a significant part in that.”

Pay Per Click Experts
Pay Per Click Experts

Ken knows without Google and the internet, he would not be where he is today. “The internet connects our customers and gives us knowledge that we would never have otherwise.”

Google By The Numbers In The State Of Wisconsin

Wisconsin is known for football, cheese, microbreweries, and chocolate. However, businesses in other areas have as much of an opportunity to grow as these key industries by utilizing the many unique options Google provides small business owners. With the help of Google and the Internet, any and all businesses can flourish in this marketplace.

Pay Per Click Experts
Pay Per Click Experts

Fromagination is one of many businesses in Wisconsin who benefit from Google’s suite of tools and products. For example:

  • In 2014, Google helped Wisconsin businesses, website publishers, and non-profits see $993 million of economic activity.
  • That calculates to 20,000 Wisconsin businesses and non-profits benefiting from Google’s tools, such as Adwords and AdSense.
  • Google Ad Grants Program raised $1,050,000 of free advertising to 97 Wisconsin non-profits.

This article was written by the LeAds copywriting team. LeAds is one of the most experienced Google Pay Per Click Expert, specializing in Google AdWords and Google SEO, in the United States. Please visit our website at for more information about making Google Search and AdWords work for your business.

The data and the images in this article were taken from the Google USA Report 2014.

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