Pay Per Click Firm and Google will help you get new customers

Pay Per Click Firm in Arkansas Will Use Google to Help Your Business Move Into the 21st Century.

Pay per click firm in Arkansas knows that using Google is an essential business tool if your business is to thrive in the age of technology.

Pay per click firm is a firm that not only knows the internet and its usefulness for businesses, but knows the necessity of properly utilizing its tools for advertising. A good pay per click firm knows the ins and outs of internet marketing, the difference between SEO content and pay per click advertising and the best times to utilize them both. By hiring a pay per click firm you allow your advertising to increase your business by:

  • Creating the most useful advertising campaigns
  • Maintaining your advertising budget
  • Tracking your customer base
  • Stay current and relevant

And More…

Utilizing a pay per click firm is one of the best decisions you can make to grow your business. Every business owner is an expert in their business and understands the intricacies of running their business better than any other person. However, they are not an expert in everything. One area most business owners are not experts in is marketing, and more specifically online marketing. As most business owners would hope to have those who need an expert in their industry hire them or use their services, business owners should turn to the experts to help them grow their business. This is where hiring a pay per click firm is not only advantageous, but necessary. The pay per click firm can utilize their expertise to help market to your target audience online while you do what you do best- run and grow your business.

One benefit to hiring a pay per click firm, beyond the expertise and success rates they help their clients achieve, is their ability to be hands on with online marketing campaigns. Most pay per click experts will work with you to develop a marketing campaign you are proud to call your own. They will clear the ideas, copy, and final versions with you and take you feedback seriously, because while they are experts in their field they may not be experts in yours.

In order to compete in today’s marketplace you must find a pay per click firm that will take the time to learn your industry and what works for your clients. The goal of their strategy is to help those looking for you find you and those who should be looking for you find you as well.

Tipton & Hurst Flower Shops and Google in Arkansas

Some businesses, while successful for decade or even centuries, must change the way they do business to compete with new up and coming businesses in this age of technology. Such was the case with Tipton & Hurst Flower Shops. Since 1886, Tipton & Hurst Flower Shops has been a staple of the florist community in Arkansas. Howard Hurst has run the shop for over thirty years, after his father retired. Originally, the family business was opened in 1886 by Joe Hurst. “We’re there for incredibly emotional moments in people’s lives. It may be flowers for their father’s funeral or their daughter’s wedding. There’s a trust there in a local business.”

Pay Per Click Firm
Pay Per Click Firm

In 1995, Tipton & Hurst developed its first website, which has grown and changed over the years and has become essential to their continued success. “All our business, all our communication is basically tied to the internet now.” As a result, the company has turned to the numerous tools Google has to offer to build their online presence and communicate with their customers. Some of the Google tools Tipton & Hurst uses are:

  • Google Adwords
  • Gmail
  • Google Apps
  • YouTube

…And More.

While Google has aided with advertising and communication, local trust is still an essential piece to their business. “Americans move all over the place. They use Google Search to find local people they can trust to deliver the right flowers and take care of them.” Tipton & Hurst reveals communications from overseas as well. “People will email us or contact us and say, ‘I’m overseas,’ even service members in Iraq and Afghanistan. We’d get them emailing us and saying, ‘Hey, I found you online and I’m looking at your website. What do you think about this?’ That’s pretty amazing and it is all happening because of the internet.”

Pay Per Click Firm
Pay Per Click Firm

Since going online Howard has seen an increase of online orders for his business. Now online orders are twenty percent of his business. The growth has been phenomenal. Now, Tipton & Hurst employees forty-five employees and knows that 60 percent of their orders originate from people looking at their website before ordering online, stepping into the store, or calling on the phone.

“Retail is changing greatly. It’s still a challenge and keeping up is critical. The internet is how people find you today, whether they’re on the next block or overseas.”

Google By The Numbers In The State Of Arkansas

Arkansas is known for its agriculture more than its production or business. However, more and more businesses are beginning to form or move into Arkansas to take advantage of their less crowded business landscape. Whether it be manufacturing or retail or service industries, Arkansas entrepreneurs are finding their niche within the community and branching out beyond Arkansas’s walls. Google and its marketing tools can help make this happen.

Pay Per Click Firm
Pay Per Click Firm

Tipton & Hurst Flower Shops is one of many business in Arkansas who benefits from Google’s suite of tools and products. For example:

  • In 2013, Google helped Arkansas businesses, website publishers, and non-profits see $201 million in economic activity.
  • That calculates to 6,800 Arkansas businesses and non-profits benefiting from Google’s tools, such as Adwords and AdSense.
  • Google Ad Grants Program raised $535,000 of free advertising for 4 Arkansas non-profits.

This article was written by the LeAds copywriter team. LeAds is one of the most experienced Google Pay Per Click Firm specializing in Google AdWords and Google SEO in the United States. Please visit our website at for more information about making Google Search and Google AdWords work for your business.

The data and the images in this article were taken from the Google USA Report 2013.

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