PPC Management Services and Google in Lousiana

PPC Management Services in Louisiana Use Google To Help Online Businesses Flourish.

PPC Management Services in Louisiana use Google to help online businesses reach a wider audience and flourish in the competitive online retailer marketplace.

PPC Management Services are known for helping businesses manage their online presence easily and effectively. With the help of PPC Management Services, online businesses are in front of their target audiences at all hours of the day, every day of the week, no matter when or where their audience is looking. Businesses utilizing this invaluable resource look to anticipate their customers’ needs before the customers knows they have a need. This type of service creates a perception and expectation of excellence which, in turn, will boost your business reputation and bottom line.

Many business owners do not truly understand how the web works in terms of advertising and sales. The general assumption is a website will work for you if you put it out there. However, as any PPC Management Services expert will tell you, it is not quite that simple. Much like the business itself, your online presence must be managed and cultivated while staying current and relevant to the needs of your clients. To truly get the benefits of an online presence, you must work with an expert that understands the web the way you understand your business.  PPC Management Services can:

  • Take the guesswork out of marketing online
  • Maximize your advertising efforts
  • Minimize your expenses
  • Grow your business

…And More.

While SEO marketing is often extremely helpful in marketing a business online, allowing your website to be linked with others, and providing increased overall presence, it does not put you right in front of your customer base when they are looking for you 100% of the time. To supplement this type of marketing, using PPC Management Services is a necessity.

PPC Management Services are a tool that, if ignored, could cost your bottom line more than you are willing to lose. PPC Management Services employ experts to determine the habits of online shoppers and even online browsing habits to help you determine what the best ways are for your company to reach its clientele without missing any possible customers or target markets. Online shopping habits are not quite as obvious as the average person would like to believe, which is why hiring the experts with PPC Management Services is the best way to grow your business online.

Dirty Coast and Google in Louisiana

Sometimes great ideas may come out of even greater losses. Dirty Coast was one of those great ideas to come from such a loss. In the wake of Hurricane Katrina people lost their homes and businesses and were forced to flee the city in search of a new life. Yet through it all, the people of New Orleans remained devoted to their home and retained their pride, no matter where they were forced to move. Patrick Bower was one of these individuals. His business was lost in 2005 and he was forced to pick up and begin again. He and his friend Blake Haney began to look at the city and the people who called it home. “There is so much pride in New Orleans. After the storm, we thought it would be great to start a t-shirt shop so people could wear their love for New Orleans on their chests. We started on the internet.  We used it to get to those expatriates who were not able to get back yet or who wanted a little piece of New Orleans because they missed it so much,” says Patrick.

PPC Management Services
PPC Management Services

To truly incorporate New Orleans, Dirty Coast used designers from the city and asked them to create shirts that appealed to locals. From the beginning they have relied on Google tools to help establish and grow their business. Some of the products helping them grow and keeping them in business are:

  • Google AdWords
  • Google Analytics
  • Gmail
  • Google Docs

 …And More.

With the help of online shopping, displaced residents were able to “nostalgically reconnect to the city through the shirts. It was a way for people to be proud of New Orleans, even though we were trying to crawl our way out of a natural disaster. It really gave people something to hold on to.”

PPC Management Services
PPC Management Services

With the help of Google, Dirty Coast has grown to 6 employees, 7 designers, and two brick and mortar locations. They are even working on opening a third retail location. When the business started, “we didn’t have a place to go in the city. The only place was the web.”  Now, the annual growth and continued success “would not have happened if it were not for the internet.”

Google By The Numbers In The State Of Louisiana https://www.google.com/adwords/

Louisiana has seen its share of devastation, most recently in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Even now, many years later, some people are displaced and may never recover. However, the love for the city is rich and the business culture has picked itself up and started again, creating an amazing environment for entrepreneurs to start and grow a business that fits right into the culture of Louisiana and New Orleans. Google and its tools have continue to help businesses in Louisiana thrive in this amazing environment.

PPC Management Services
PPC Management Services

Dirty Coast is one of many businesses in Louisiana that benefits from Google’s suite of tools and products. For example:

  • In 2013, Google helped Louisiana businesses, website publishers, and non-profits see $170 million of economic activity.      
  • That calculates to 10,000 Louisiana businesses and non-profits benefiting from Google’s tools, such as Adwords and AdSense.
  • Google Ad Grants Program raised $661,000 of free advertising for 8 Louisiana non-profits.

This article was written by the LeAds copywriter team. LeAds is one of the most experienced Google PPC Management Services Companies specializing in Google AdWords and Google SEO in the United States. Please visit our website at www.msalesleads.com for more information about making Google SEO and Google AdWords work for your business.

The data in this article was based on the Google USA Report 2013.

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