Questions from a digital marketing consulting firm to small business owners

Digital marketing consulting questionaire


This time I am addressing this article to small business owners, and acting as a digital marketing consultant for small business, I would like to ask you a few questions about your business and about your customers in order to help you to position your small business in Internet.

I will classify the digital marketing consulting question in categories to better organize the information requested.

Questions categories are as follows: Business; Products and Services; Customer Needs; Customer Profile; Geographic Area; Languages; Key Phrases; Media; Google; Content; Ads.


What is your business name?

What is your brand name?

What is your business physical address?

What is your business phone number?

What business associations does your business belong to?

Products and Services

What are the products and services your company sell?

Customer Needs

What needs do your products and services satisfy?

What are the benefits your customers get when they use your products and services?

Customer Profile

What business sector do your customers belong to?

Who purchases your products and services?

Who influences in the purchasing decision?

Geographic Area

What are the countries, estates, cities where you sell your products and services?


What are the languages you use in your business?

Key Phrases

What are the key words and key phrases your prospects and customers would use to search for your products and services in Google search?


What is your website address?

Is your domain name registered under your name?

What is blog address?

What is your website technology?

Where is your website hosted?

What are the addresses for the following pages:?

Facebook business page?

Facebook personal page?

LinkedIn business page?

LinkedIn personal page?

Twitter business page?

Twitter personal page?

SlideShare business page?

Instagram business page?

Instagram personal page?

Google plus business page?

Google plus personal page?

Google My Business page?

Medium personal page?

Quora personal page?

Yellow page?

Yelp page?

Merchant Circle page?

Email Newsletter account?

Webinar account?

Directory listings?

iPR account?


What is your business Gmail account?

What is your Search Console account?

What is your Google Analytics account?

What is your Google AdWords account?

What is your Google My Business account?


Digital Marketing Consulting
Digital Marketing Consulting




Do you produce any type of digital marketing content?

Do you have any type of digital marketing content available?


Do you have any type of digital advertising campaign?

Has your business done any type of digital advertising campaign in the past?

With the answers to all these questions we can do a digital marketing consulting and we can design a digital marketing strategy to position your business in Internet.


You can read our previous article in the following link:

About the Author:

This article was written by Julio Sanoja Rial, CEO, founder and digital marketing consultant at MSalesLeads, a digital marketing agency for small businesses. We help small businesses to go and grow their businesses online.

Julio Sanoja Rial
Julio Sanoja Rial

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