Remarketing list for small business digital marketing

Remarketing list is a display advertising feature that Google Ads and Facebook/Instagram Ads offer to their advertiser’s customers, that allow the advertiser to display the ad several times during a period of time to those users that click on the advertising.

Google calls it “Remarketing”

Facebook calls it “Retargeting”

Remarketing lists are being built day by day, during the campaign time, and can be saved and used in future campaigns.

Remarketing lists offer small businesses the opportunity to increase branding and top of mind awareness, with a reasonable investment in Google display Ads, and Facebook/Instagram display Ads.

This is what Google says about remarketing lists:

“A remarketing list is a collection of website visitors or app users gathered by snippets of code added to your site or app. When you create a list, you set rules for when visitors or users should be added to the list. You also specify a membership duration for how long you want your visitors or users to stay on the list. Once you’ve created remarketing lists, you’ll need to add them to your campaigns’ ad group targeting so that you can show ads to visitors or users on your lists.”

Google display the ad to the remarketing list members when they visit and browse all over the Internet and Apps.

Facebook display the ad to the retargeting list members when they visit and browse all over the Facebook website or Facebook App.

We recommend to our customers and other small businesses to use remarketing and retargeting lists when they are running a Google Ads display campaign, or a Facebook /Instagram Ads display campaign.

Remarketing lists from Google, and retargeting lists from Facebook/Instagram, are free features within the display ads campaigns.




Remarketing List For Small Business Digital Marketing
Remarketing List For Small Business Digital Marketing



This article was written on October 2, 2018.

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This article was written by Julio R. Sanoja, owner and founder at MSalesLeads, a digital marketing agency for small and mid-size businesses in Miami, Florida. We help small and mid-size businesses to go and grow their businesses online; position their brands, products and services online; and get qualified leads and new customers online. We have been doing this for the last 16 years. You can write me or you can call me 305-918-9793. You can see our recent case studies at

Julio R. Sanoja
Julio R. Sanoja

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