Sales Leads Companies and Google in Massachusetts

Sales Leads Companies and Google Can Help Take An Old Family Business To The Next Level

Sales Leads Companies and Businesses 35 Years Ago Didn’t Have Google and The Internet To Help Grow Their Businesses

Sales leads companies in America help hundreds of thousands of new startup businesses get launched and get found online. In fact, most businesses are created this way, by starting from the ground up. However, starting from the ground up is not the only way that a new business can be born, or an old one can be reinvented.

Sometimes business owners just happen to “fall” into their business as a parent had the business, or a very similar business before, which was handed down to their children. In most of these cases, the children or other family member can take three different stances.

1.) Sell the company right away, as they are not business minded people

2.) Run the company just as it was run for decades before.

3.) Change the entire business model, and take the company to new heights never imagined before by their parents.

There might be a few more we could have thrown out there, but these three are common ones that most people will be able to relate to. Let’s take stance No.3 for example. Nothing could be more gratifying than to take a business, or a business idea, or a business model that was handed down from a parent, then completely reinvent it, putting your original stamp on it. This can be done alone, but the results one is looking for could take years. Sales leads companies can reach more people faster than word of mouth can, thus, helping a business become profitable much sooner.

We did not have the resource of the internet as we know it today, 35 years ago. Since we have access to it today, the best option to grow your business faster than the average, is through sales leads companies and the internet. The internet came out around 1990, all those businesses where a parent was retiring and handing the “keys to the business” to their children, or nieces and nephews, a lot of those businesses used the Internet to help take the business to the next level. Some of them even turned to sales leads companies to help them figure out how to harness the powers of the internet. Savvy business owners quickly figured out that the internet would be the key to online business domination. Moreover, they also realized that experienced sales leads companies could take them there.

Taking A Family Business And Turning It In Top Some Much More Special

Philadelphia might be the city of “brotherly love”, but brotherly love is all around us, even in Pepperell, Massachusetts; home of 1A Auto.

The company of 1A Auto is an online auto parts superstore. This online company was started back in 1998 when the internet was just finding itself by two brothers, Rick, and Mike Green. As kids, the Green brothers watched and learned the family business from their father, a retired U.S. Air Force Pilot, who owned and operated a classic Pontiac auto-parts business.

“Rick thought, let’s take some of his vendors and put them on this new thing called the web,” Mike says.

The two brothers set out to try and get their father’s business 100% online, and to take full advantage of this thing that was being called the “information highway.” The Greens’ used sales leads companies, along with the Internet, to take this somewhat new concept and bring it to life. The brothers were able to take their father’s niche of classic Pontiac auto parts catalog business, and turn it into something far more special.

The Greens’ decided to do away with being in the niche of just selling auto parts for one make and model. They put the business online, with the assistance of sales leads companies, and opened up their product base to include parts for almost any make and model.

In the same year they launched, Rick and Mike really made it their personal business to connect with as many car enthusiasts as humanly possible, from coast to coast.

“We built this from nothing using Google and other Internet resources,” Mike says.

The brothers found Google (, and all their business solutions and the rest was history. The brothers used Google Adwords, Google’s Advertising Program, and Google Analytics. Since 2000, the brothers have said that using Google to help customers searching for auto parts, find them online, has been instrumental in their company.

“One of the great things with the Internet is the ability to measure and leverage what works best,” Rick says.

1A Auto is now a trusted Google store. This title greatly boosts the company and gives online shoppers the confidence to shop and buy from the 1A Auto website.

Google Analytics, Adwords, and the advertising program are not the only Google-branded products the Greens’ have incorporated into their family business. To date, the Rick and Mike have more than 3,500 car repair videos on YouTube

“YouTube helps us convey solutions to people’s problems and deliver our customer service message,” says Marketing Director Pasha Gavrichev. Our social media, including Google+, provide other vehicles for engaging our customers. Google Apps for Work helps the office run smoothly.”

Year after year, 1A Auto, with the help of sales leads companies, has enjoyed double-digit growth numbers. What started off with just two employees, now has 225 employees and growing with no signs of slowing down. Rick says, they will try even more Google products in the future, especially if it will help them grow.

“We’re still in the infancy of how the Internet can change things,” he says.

Sales Leads Companies
Sales Leads Companies

Recently, the brother just opened up a building that they will use as a central headquarters for the business. The building used to be an old paper mill in town. The brother plan to add another 150 employees in the near future as well, and these new jobs will help stimulate a small-town’s economy.

“The great part of our story is we’re creating an Internet-savvy employment base here, on an old industrial site.”

Sales Leads Companies
Sales Leads Companies

Google By The Numbers in Massachusetts

Google has done its part to help the state of Massachusetts’ businesses grow as they have helped to provide $7.18 billion of economic activity. For non-profits and other Massachusetts Businesses, 47,000 of them have benefited from Google business tools such as Adwords and Adsense, respectfully.

Sales Leads Companies
Sales Leads Companies

Today, Google employees over 900 workers who call Massachusetts home. When it comes to giving back to the community, Google cannot be beaten. They have given away $5,670,000 worth of free advertising to local Mass. Businesses through their Google Ad Grant program.

This article was written by the LeAds copywriter team. LeAds is one of the most experienced Google Sales Leads Companies, specializing in Google AdWords  and Google SEO, in the United States. Please visit our website at for more information about making Google Search and AdWords work for your business.

The data and the images in this article were taken from the Google USA Report 2014.

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