The main variables of an article and other texts in the digital era


An article and other texts in the digital era have the same variables that they have always had in the industrial era; however, now, in the digital era, they not only have to be written for the readers, like it used to be in the industrial era; but they also have to be written for Google search engines; and this is the new element, which is called search engine optimization, and it should be included in the article and other texts, structure and language.


The main variables of an article and other texts in the digital era are:


  1. Idea


  1. Structure


  1. Language



  1. Idea


The idea should be only one main and central idea, created by the writer, and it should be as original as possible.

If the article is a commercial article, the idea should be about the products and services of the business that is publishing the article, and how they satisfy prospects and customer’s needs, and how they solve prospects and customer’s problems.

If the article is not a commercial article, the idea should be an original creative idea about the article topic.

In any case, the article should be written by a subject matter expert (SME). So far, Google has only requested that health and financing articles must be written by subject matter experts. Most probably, other knowledge areas will follow.

The idea should be written at the beginning of the article, in the first paragraph, as an article summary or abstract. Then, the idea should be developed in the article content; and finally, the idea should be written at the article conclusion. Say what you will say; said it; and say what you said. By doing this methodology, you may warranty that the readers will always remember the article main idea.


  1. Structure

The article structure has the following secondary variables:

  • Title
  • Subtitles
  • Summary or abstract
  • Content
  • Content Hypertexts and Anchor Texts
  • Image
  • Article date
  • Links to previous articles related to the article topic, written by the same author, or other subject matter expert authors that write for the same business.
  • Author Bio and Contact Information
  • Business Bio and Contact Information
  • Article publication and distribution methodology
  • Key words and key phrases to position at Google search engines (SEO)
  • Texts Meta Tags: Title and Description
  • Image Meta Tags: Title, Caption, Alt text, Description
  • Topic Category. Topic to position at Google search engines.


  1. Language

The article language should be a balanced combination of the reader language and the author language. The reader’s language is obtained by the author at the Google Keyword Planner tool; and the author language is his own academic technical language as a subject matter expert. Authors should include the reader’s language in the text in a balanced manner along with their subject matter expert’s language, so readers can be empathetic with the author and understand the main central article idea, and also readers can find the article in Google search engines. Authors should be balanced with the use of the language, so readers understand the article idea. Just a balance between the academic language and the reader’s non-academic language.

The language used by the author should include the key words and phrases used by the readers to search in Google for the article topic. These keywords and phrases are obtained by the author at the Google Keyword Planner tool in Internet, freely, with his or her Gmail account. These keywords and phrases should be at the article title, summary, subtitles, content, anchor texts, article meta tags, and image meta tags.




The Main Variables Of An Article And Other Texts In The Digital Era
The Main Variables Of An Article And Other Texts In The Digital Era



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