This was our digital marketing advice to a Spa in Miami Beach

We received the following email this week:

Hello Julio,

I found your website on Google.  The reason for my email is that I am looking for someone to take on the SEO and social media marketing for the boutique spa I own in Miami Beach.  We launched a new website on January and am wanting to round off the marketing with these additional efforts.  If this is the type of work you do, I invite you to please give me a call so that we may discuss further.

Best Regards,

We told our prospect the following advice:

I can help you to get new customers for the Spa. Your Spa ranks at the first page of Google when you search for “Spa Miami Beach”, which is fine. However I believe our best option to test is a Display advertising campaign at Google and Facebook/Instagram, which will give you quick, effective, and efficient traffic to the website and qualified leads and customers segmented by Zip Code, gender, age, and interests. We for sure will get your ad in front of your prospects customers eyes.

If you want we can try this Display advertising campaigns at Google and Facebook/Instagram during one month and check the metrics and see how it goes.

We can also do Social media daily posting but this is not as effective and efficient as the display advertising at Google, Facebook/Instagram. However it is important to do it.

For good long term sustainable SEO, we will have to write, publish, and distribute articles about your services at least during a complete full year, so Google will give you trust and authority and you will rank at the first page for related searches.

Please let me know your thoughts.

I requested your contact at LinkedIn, and I am following your Spa at Facebook and Instagram. I also tested your website contact form from my laptop and mobile just to see how it works. This contact form website page will be the display campaigns landing page.

Thanks  and I hope these ideas will like you.

Prospect replied as follows:

Hello Julio,

Thank you for getting back to me with the in depth information and strategies.

As you saw, the website seems to be working effectively as far as our search standings.

We can certainly try the Facebook / Instagram ads, if you have seen that is the most effective means.

Having said that, what sort of budget am I looking at to launch these types of campaigns?

I don’t do much if any posting on either of our social media pages, so I wondered how effective it is given our

non-engagement on them?

Also, I would need to know what  your fees are alongside the investment necessary for the ads.

I’m a sole owner and it’s a small boutique spa, so my budget is limiting, but know the importance of these

funnels so am willing to stretch a bit.

I’ll be out of town from Thursday until next Tuesday.  Maye we can try to connect via phone tomorrow so we

can discuss further?

I look forward to it!

We replied as follows:

The minimum investment required for a Google Display and/or a Facebook/Instagram advertising campaign is $ 300 per month each campaign. Can you handle this monthly budget? $ 300 monthly for Google and $ 300 monthly for Facebook/Instagram. If you can handle both, that is fine, and we can execute both campaigns for the first month and see which one gives better results, then we can keep the best campaign active for the second month and pause the other campaign to be more budget efficient. Let me know your thoughts.

Regarding our agency fee, it would be as follows:

$ 300 one-time fee for design, create, strategy, setup, and launch one or both campaigns. This one-time fee includes the advertising banner design.

$ 200 per month for campaign maintenance and reports.

Can you handle this budget?

Please let me know your thoughts.


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About the Author:

This article was written by Julio R. Sanoja, owner and founder at MSalesLeads, a digital marketing agency for small and mid-size businesses. We help small and mid-size businesses to go and grow their businesses online; position their brands, products and services online; get qualified leads and new customers online. Julio has been a digital marketing consultant for the last 16 years.

Julio R. Sanoja
Julio R. Sanoja

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