What is the pricing of an expert SEO company?


The pricing of an expert SEO company has a mean of $ 150 per hour.


Maries Haynes Consulting charges $ 5,000 for a website SEO assessment; $ 1,500 for a website links audit; and $ 500/hour for SEO consulting. Marie Haynes Consulting is an expert SEO company.

Several SEO pricing surveys published in Internet show that the price for a SEO hourly consultation goes from $ 10 to $ 300 per hour, being the mean between $ 125 to $ 150 per hour.

These same surveys show that the monthly retainer fees for SEO services go from $ 100 to $ 10,000 per month. Being the mean between $ 3,000 and $ 4,000 per month.

60% the expert’s SEO companies work with monthly retainer fee as the payment model. 20% work with project fixed based payment model, and 10% of the SEO companies work hourly rates payment model.

Why SEO is a highly priced service in the digital marketing industry? Because it is a service that requires to know how the Google algorithm works, and the Google algorithm has more than 200 variables, and it is constantly changing the way it ranks the world information.

Expert SEO company’s consultants have to study and practice in a permanent manner how the Google algorithm works. Few people like to study, and that is one of the main reasons why expert SEO companies charge high pricing for their services. SEO is a consultant business, and it is a knowledge business. Workers at SEO companies are SEO consultants.

Other reason why expert SEO companies charge high pricing for their services is that the main core of a SEO project is the content production, which consist of the production, publication, and distribution of articles about the products and services of the company and how they satisfy prospects and customers’ needs and how they solve prospects and customer’s problems. Article marketing has to be perform in a permanent manner and with a high frequency.

Articles must be written by subject matter experts and this is another reason for the SEO services high pricing. There are not many subject matter expert’s writers in every industry.

There are not many SEO consultants that know how the Google algorithm works and that are willing to permanently study how the algorithm works and how the algorithm evolves. Being a professional SEO consultant is a scarcity.

There are not many subject matter expert’s writers for every industry. Being a subject matter expert and a professional writer at the same time is a scarcity.

SEO industry has then two scarcities: professional SEO consultants, and professional subject matter expert’s writers. These two scarcities make the SEO industry a highly priced industry.




Expert SEO Company
Expert SEO Company



This article was written on August 05, 2019.

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