Why advertise with Google AdWords Display?

Because Google AdWords Display is probably the most powerful communication tool that is currently available in Internet. Google AdWords Display is a 4.000 million people database that can be targeted by age, gender, geographic location, interests, buying intent, content words, content topics, and website addresses. There is no other company in the world that can do this.

Once you make the decision to invest some money in advertising for your business, you have to decide whether you invest in traditional or digital advertising. You might either do both or do digital only. Traditional advertising only is not recommended because it will keep you away from trends.

Now you have to decide where to advertise in digital media? There are two types of digital advertising, search and display. Search advertising is the advertising that appears in the search results pages when you do a search. Display advertising is the advertising that appears in the websites and apps you browse.

There are two types of digital searches. What we call open network search or Internet search, and closed network search or applications search. A search in Google or Bing search is an open network search, and a search in LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, EBay, or Amazon, is a closed network search. Internet is an open network because users do not have to login to do the search, whereas any app or other network are closed networks because users have to login to use the network and therefore to make a search within the network.


Google AdWords Display
Google AdWords Display



Open networks are easier and faster to use than closed networks. Open network is the whole, closed network is the part. The whole is always greater than the part. Internet, and therefore Google, have 4.000 million users and Facebook, the largest closed network, has 1.800 million users. It is always more efficient, effective, and satisfactory, advertise in the whole than in the part. Google advertises in the whole whereas Facebook and the others advertise in the part.  Whole and open network is powerful than the part and closed networks.

No wonder Google invoices more than USD $ 100.000 million a year in advertising and the second is Facebook with USD $ 20.000 million a year. Amazon and LinkedIn invoice USD $ 1.000 a year in advertising.

Google is the gorilla game over dominator in the digital advertising business. To put advertising business in prospective let´s repeat that global advertising business both traditional and digital is a USD $ 700.000 million a year business, and 25% of that is digital already, more or less USD $ 150.000 million a year, and Google has 70% market share. By far, Google is the leader in the digital advertising business, and soon will be the leader in the global advertising business, as people realize that digital advertising is becoming more effective, efficient and satisfactory for users.

Now that you have decided to invest in Google Advertising and not elsewhere, let´s review Google search and display advertising. There are two types of Google Advertising, search and display advertising. Search advertising is the advertise that appears in the first page of Google search results when user do a search in Google. Display advertising is the advertising that appears in the websites or apps the user browses.

Search advertising is more effective for lead generation because users do a search for a product or service when they have the need, whereas display advertising is more effective for branding and top of mind awareness because users do not have an immediate need when they browse a website or an app. Contradictory, display advertising is richer than search advertising because the display ad can be a video, an animated image, an image, or even a text, whereas search advertising so far can only be a text ad. Communication power is greater with display advertising. Video, animated images and static images ads are powerful communication tools that text ads. Display is powerful than search.

Display ads can be targeted by persons or content. By persons you can target geographic locations, age, gender, interests and buying intends. By content you can target words, topics and website addresses or ULR´s.

Finding your audience with display is very easy to do, as well as in search.

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This article was written by Julio Sanoja Rial, CEO & Founder of LeAds, a Google AdWords agency that you can visit at www.msalesleads.com

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