Why Google is your best digital marketing agency

This article is addressed to small business owners, and I would like to give them the following advice: Make Google your digital marketing agency and your digital advertising agency. Ask your digital agency to implement all the Google marketing products and all the Google advertising products in your digital marketing strategy. You will be glad with the business results.

We said it in a previous article, Google is the world largest advertising agency.  All its business revenue come from its advertising product called Google AdWords. The global annual advertising business is around USD $ 600 billion, and Google annual revenue is around USD $ 80 billion. This means that Google has 13 % of the global advertising business. The Internet advertising business is around USD $ 150 billion, and Google has 53% of the Internet advertising business, and growing. Google is a company with only 18 years in operations, and already has 13% market share of the global advertising business, and 53% market share of the Internet advertising business, and keeps growing at a fast rate.

Google strategy since the beginning of operation was a winner strategy. Google saw the Internet as a mass media; therefore, Google could see that the business opportunity was the advertising business. Advertising is the main business of any media, and Internet is many things, but it is mainly a mass media.

Google since the beginning of operations and after the design of the business strategy, knew that in order to have a winner strategy, they need to know very well each of the Internet users, their demographic, geographic, and psychographic profiles. After 18 years in business, Google knows very well all these variables from each of the 3.400 millions of Internet users. And Google sells that information to its customers through the AdWords advertising product.

How Google knows all the personal information of each Internet user? This is the Google strategy. Google designs many digital marketing agency products that gives free of charge to all the Internet users and to all the world businesses. For us to use this digital marketing agency products, we have to create a Gmail account and then we have to login to use the marketing products. In each login, Google knows what we do in Internet. Google storage this information in big data marketing servers with big data marketing software. Google knows us more than we do ourselves. Additionally, Google knows everything we do in Internet, every time we browse and every time we use Internet. Google knows all of our interests.

Through the Google AdWords advertising product, any person or any business company in the world can deliver a message in any format (text, image, and video) to any segmented audience in Internet, because Google knows everything about the 3.400 millions of Internet users, and also Google knows every Google search of all the Internet users. There are trillions of searches each year in Google. Whether it is in the search results (Google AdWords Search) or it is in the Internet websites (Google AdWords Display); Google can deliver a message to any segmented audience in Internet, with a very accurate targeting. There is not in Internet any other company with this capability. Google seems to be the Internet advertising “gorilla game over dominator”. However, Google should keep an eye on Facebook who is running second. I will write an article about Facebook in the near future.

Google and Facebook still have a big challenge ahead and it is how to increase Internet advertising campaigns ROI. This will be topic for a future article. Nowadays all the Internet advertising campaigns, either with Google AdWords (Search and Display), or with Facebook Ads, both are very low ROI campaigns.

Being the sole owner of the big database with all the personal information for each of the 3.400 million Internet users is what gives Google the power that it has and that it uses.

Google has revolutionized the advertising business. In the Industrial Revolution advertising business, the advertising agencies and the traditional media charged their customers for delivering the message. Google does not charge the customer for delivering the message. Delivering the message is free of charge. Google only charge the customer if the audience interact with the message through a click on the message. This is why the Google advertising product, Google AdWords, is also called Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, because Google only charge the customer if the message receive a click. Deliver the message is free. Top of mind awareness is also free. Thanks Google!!

I should write a next article about Google AdWords only, because AdWords not only has the characteristic of being a Pay Par Click advertising (PPC), but it also has the characteristic of being and auction advertising, meaning that for each search or for each display each customer bids for the best position in the delivery of their message. AdWords has many other characteristics that make it probably the best segmented advertising currently in the world, therefore making it the most efficient advertising in the world. Google is your best digital marketing agency and your best digital advertising agency.


Google knows almost everything. Google mission is “organize all the world information and make it universally accessible to everyone”. Google has not yet achieved this main objective, but certainly is working hard on it.

Google has three main search engines to search for information: Google search, Google Scholar and Google Books.

Google Search is mainly used for all the Internet users to search for commercial information and non-academic information and it is designed for that. As Google says, people search in Google when they want to Know, Go, Do, or Buy. This “know” is non-academic information.

Google Scholar is mainly used for all Internet users that want to search for academic information. Google Scholar is mainly used by students, professors, researchers, and academic people in general. This is an extraordinary search engine for researchers. Most of the results in this search engine are academic and scientific knowledge.

Google Books is mainly used for all the Internet users that want to search for books. Google Books project began in 2004, when Google started to scan and digitalized all the books available in the main world libraries. By October 2015, the number of books scanned was over 25 million.

Is Google Omniscient? Certainly not, it is not omniscient; however Google is working hard on its mission and it is definitely working to organize all the world information and knowledge and make it universally accessible to everyone.


There are 3.400 million Internet users, almost half of the 7.400 million world population, and all of these people use Google every time they need to Go, Know, Do or Buy. Although Internet is almost everywhere in each country, only half of the world population has access to Internet. This number of Internet users will increase every year, and sooner or later Internet and therefore Google will be accessible to a large percentage of the world population.

Is Google Omnipresent? Certainly not, it is not omnipresent. However Google is working in several projects and helping in other projects to take Internet to remote and rural areas in the world.


I will use this last characteristic to write some interesting things about the Google Corporation (recently named Alphabet), which will give us some idea about the “power” of Google. We all know Google is not omnipotent, however it has a lot of “power” and we will see why.

Google annual revenue in 2015 was USD $ 75.000 million which makes it a large corporation in terms of annual revenue

Google is the second most valuable world brand behind Apple

digital marketing agency
digital marketing agency

Source: Forbes

Google is also the second world highest market capitalization market corporation behind by Apple

digital marketing agency
digital marketing agency

Source: Wikipedia

Note: Alphabet is the new Google Corporation name

Google is the company with the highest number of PhD employees in computer science and engineering

Google is at the top ten lobby spenders corporations in the world

digital marketing agency
digital marketing agency

Source: Statista

Google is the number one Internet search engine in the world with more than 80% of market share, and Trillions of searches every year.

Google has the world largest Internet big data marketing database with more than 3.400 million users that include all the personal, demographic, geographic, and psychographic data for each of the Internet users.

Google is the world largest digital advertising agency with USD $ 75.000 million annual revenues in advertising

Google owns YouTube, which is the world largest video database and world largest video search engine

Google has more than 150 products for persons and corporations, that include a large amount of digital marketing agency and digital advertising agency products.

Google is one of the world tech corporations with the largest amount of patents.

Recently, one of the most well know Google employees, Matt Cutts, former Google anti-spam chief, just join the Pentagon´s Defense Digital Service.

Is Google Omnipotent? Certainly not, it is not omnipotent. However Google is one of the world largest digital marketing agency corporations, in just 18 years of operation.

Following a Ted video about Internet advertising and big data, and how Internet companies get users data:


In the next article I will write about what Google can do for small business digital marketing. We will review some of the Google digital marketing agency products for small business.

Thanks for reading and sharing, I will see you in the next article.

Is your business at the first page of Google search results? Is your business working in a SEO project? Is your business implementing the Google marketing products?

As a last comment, I would like to mention that current ROI for any Google Campaign is a low ROI, whether it is a Search campaign or a Display campaign. I guess Google is working hard to increase the campaigns ROI´s. Google SEO campaigns have hire ROI´s even though they take longer time to succeed. In the following link there is useful information about Google campaigns ROI:


You can read our previous article in the following link:


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This article was written by Julio R. Sanoja, SEO Consultant, author, and professor at MSalesLeads, a SEO agency in Miami, Florida. We help businesses all over the world, to go and grow their businesses online; position their brands, products and services; and get qualified leads and new customers. We have been doing this for the last 17 years.

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