Why Internet advertising metrics are very low?

Why all metrics in internet advertising are so low? How can we increase those metrics?

When you review your Google AdWords campaign metrics or your Facebook Ads campaign metrics you realize that internet advertising metrics are very low, anything between 0.01 % and 5% at the most. If you are at the low side of these values your campaigns have very low efficiency, on the other hand if your metrics are on the high side of these values then your campaigns are highly efficient.


Internet Advertising
Internet Advertising


Why some campaigns have metrics around 5% and why some campaigns have metrics around 0.01%? Here comes the concept of reach versus rich.

The larger the audience size you want to reach, the poor the communication is, and the smaller the audience size you want to reach, the richer the communication is. This is true for any media, and Internet is not the exception.

We are all humans and we share needs and values, however the paradox is that every person has an individual truth, so in theory we should communicate individually with each person and synchronize the communication with the individual truth.

Of course we cannot design an internet advertising campaign for each individual, this is impossible. We should not either design an internet advertising campaign for all persons.

There has to be some solution in the middle. Not one campaign for each and not one campaign for all. The wisdom is in the middle of these 2 extremes. Where is that middle? How to reduce audience’s sizes in Internet?

The answer is categorizing and subcategorizing the most our audiences by all variables possible. Then we can design a campaign for each audience category and subcategory. The more we subcategorized our audiences the higher the campaign metrics. Then we can design a campaign for each audience subcategory. These subcategorized campaigns will have higher metrics.

The second answer to the above question is testing and adjusting. Each internet advertising campaign should be tested and adjusted in a permanent manner after launching. This process will increase metrics.

When you move your internet advertising metrics from 0.01% to 5.0% then your ROI increases substantially.

This article was written by Julio Sanoja Rial, CEO & Founder of LeAds, an Internet advertising agency that you can visit at www.msalesleads.com

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