Top 10 Digital Marketing Consultants in USA

A digital marketing consultant is a marketing professional that design the digital marketing strategy for a business after executing a digital marketing consulting.

We will list in this article the top 10 digital marketing consultants in USA, selected according to their position in the Google search engine and the LinkedIn search engine, and also according to their experience shown in their business profile. Search engine ranking and business experience will be the two variables to select this list of digital marketing consultants in USA.

The search term used for this research was “digital marketing consultants in USA” and “digital marketing consultants”.


  1. Matthew Barby

Matthew is a digital marketing consultant located in Boston.

Matthew has 8 years of experience in digital marketing with focus in digital marketing strategy.

This is what Matthew says about himself in his LinkedIn profile:

“Director of Acquisition Marketing at HubSpot ($HUBS), a NYSE listed SaaS business operating in several locations around the world. Alongside this, I’m an advisor to a number of startups and large SaaS businesses, an investor, lecturer, and global speaker.

Currently focused on a number of emerging trends, including blockchain/crypto, AI, messaging and chatbots.

To get in touch, contact me directly via the form on my website:”

Matthew has worked for HubSpot, Digital Marketing Institute, and Wyatt International. Always working as a digital and content strategist.

You can also contact Matthew at his LinkedIn profile link:


  1. Katelyn Dramis

Katelyn is a digital marketing consultant located in Atlanta

This is what Katelyn says about herself in her UpWork profile:

“Hi, I’m Katelyn! I’m a digital marketing consultant with agency and brand experience who helps service-based businesses market their services online. My expertise includes digital marketing strategy, copywriting, website creation, SEO, SEM, and social media marketing. As a digital consultant, I know what it’s like to sell services. People can’t return me, which means the way I market myself is crucial to gaining trust and providing spectacular service. I’ve taken what I’ve learned both as a marketer and a service-based professional and have created effective strategies for businesses who want to market their own services online.”

Katelyn has 7 years of experience in digital marketing, and she has worked as a copy writer strategist for Nebo Agency and UPS.

Katelyn is the founder of Kate Creative, a digital agency that helps brands establish and grow their digital presences.

You can contact Katelyn at her LinkedIn profile:


  1. Jasmine Sandler

Jasmine has 12 years of experience as digital marketing consultant.

Jasmine is the CEO and founder of Jasmine Sandler digital agency. You can visit her at

This is what Jasmine says about herself in her LinkedIn profile:

“Jasmine Sandler is a highly regarded LinkedIn Marketing, Personal Branding, SEO & Social Media Sales Expert. She has 15+ years of SEO and Social Media Marketing client experience:

Creation and sale of a Social network with over 300,000 users
Delivery of 100+ Social Media Marketing plans to corporate marketing teams
Creation & delivery of Social Media Training programs to Fortune 500’s:
Jasmine Sandler LinkedIn Marketing & Sales Training Program ™ 
Jasmine Sandler Social Selling Training Program

Jasmine Sandler Personal Branding Training Program

Social Media Marketing Consultant to 100+ clients
LinkedIn Marketing & Sales Coach & Consultant to 50+ Executive Fortune 100’s
Personal Branding Coach & Consultant to 100+ clients
Keynote Speaker on SEO, LinkedIn Marketing, Social Branding, Social Selling (over 250+ presentations).”

You can also contact Jasmine at her LinkedIn profile:


  1. Ryan Stewart

Ryan has 9 years of experience as digital marketing consultant.

He grows companies using advanced online marketing strategies.

Ryan has worked as digital marketing consultant for Acuity, Accenture, SapienNitro, and his own agency Webris. He currently works as a Partner at I´m From the Future. His agency Webris was acquired by I’m From the Future in January, 2018. Bryan has since joined the team as a partner. He oversees high level operations, internal processes and agency wide strategy.

You can contact Bryan at his LinkedIn profile:

You can also contact Bryan at his following agency websites:


  1. Nick Eubanks

Nick has 10 years of experience as digital marketing consultant.

Nick has worked for Atomni, Factor Media, The Traffic Safety Store, I´m From the Future, and NK Tech.

He is currently the founder, CEO and Chief Strategist at I´m From the Future.

This is what Nock says about himself in his LinkedIn profile Bio:

“As the Founder and Chief Strategist I’m responsible for designing scalable, sustainable growth campaigns for our diverse range of high-growth clients. We specialize in marrying technical SEO with user experience to deliver web pages that perform in both search and conversions.”

“I am a technical marketer focused on opportunities driven by search and user experience. I love finding ways to use data to answer questions and solve problems.”

“I have designed, built, and scaled applications in almost every tech stack and codebase. I have strong technical management experience working with both in-house and decentralized content and engineering teams across different countries and languages.”

“I have built web applications from the ground up, developing content delivery and management systems from scratch. I have consulted on digital marketing projects for Fortune 500 companies including Thomson Reuters, Comcast, Morgan Stanley, Exxon Mobile, AvidXchange, Sandals, KicksUSA, and many others.”

“I have been featured on The New York Times, Entrepreneur Magazine, INC, FastCompany, Huffington Post,, and many of the large SEO publications.”

You may contact Nick at his LinkedIn profile and at his I´m From the Future agency website:


  1. Brian Chappell

Brian has 10 years of experience as digital marketing consultant.

Brian has worked for Gotickets, Ignite Social Media, Adapt Partners, The Pyramid Resource Group, and Adapt Marketing.

Brian currently works for Adapt Marketing, where he is the owner founder.

“Adapt Marketing is the holding company of Brian Chappell’s personal investments. Inside of that investment portfolio is his corner stone project. He has helped take it from 2 million in revenue in 2008 with 2016 projections north of 15 million.”

“Projects consist of Web and App based businesses.”

This is what Brian says about himself in his LinkedIn profile:

“Brian Chappell is a full stack Digital Marketer with documented experience in competitive industries, showcasing his SEO and audience growth oriented experience over the years for multiple businesses and standing the test of a few algorithm updates.

2005 – 2016 Results:

– (2012-2016) Founded, managed operations, and directed strategy for Adapt Partners clients. Sold in 2016. Took from 0/monthly revenue to north of 70k MRR before being sold.

– (2010-Present) Founded and managed a six-figure yearly grossing lead generation firm

– (2008-Present) Grown small healthcare company in Ohio from 2 million in revenue to over 15 million while directing all marketing and development initiatives.

– (2008-2013) Managed internal content production and team of over 30 writers at Grew monthly readership from 20,000/monthly readers to over 70,000 visitors/month. Secured top organic rankings for commercial defining terms and created a long term lead generation funnel. 3rd employee hired, helped company grow to over 100 employees.

– (2005-2008) Grew from 5 million/year to 20 million/year through online marketing and helped company transition to new P/E.”

You may contact Brian at his LinkedIn profile:


  1. Gianluca Fiorelli

Gianluca has 11 years of experience as digital marketing consultant.

Gianluca has worked for Digicast, Abansys & Hostytech, Emagister, Moz, and ILoveSEO.

Gianluca works currently at ILoveSEO as strategic SEO and digital marketing consultant.

This is what Gianluca says about himself in his LinkedIn profile:

“Senior SEO and Inbound Marketing Consultant, working in the web marketing field since 2003, I have a past in the Audiovisual industry.
People consider me expert in Search, Content and Social Media Marketing; I simply define myself as Digital Marketer.
You can learn more about my vision of Internet Marketing, you can visit my sites linked below in the profile or find me at

Specialties: SEO, Branding and identity, eMarketing expertize, Internet Domains’ legislation, Audiovisual copyright market, audiovisual production, Internet design and usability, corporate engeniring, web pr, seo/sem, brand awareness.”

You can contact Gianluca at his LinkedIn profile:


  1. John Doherty

John has 8 years of experience working as digital marketing consulant.

John has worked for American Cadastre, AmCad, Destinee Media, DMi Partners, Distilled, Zilow, Trulia, and SingleGeared.

John is currently owner founder of SingleGeared

This is what John says about himself in his LinkedIn profile Bio:

“I am the founder of Credo ( We connect businesses with the right marketing provider (agency or consultant) to help grow their business.

Previously I was the senior growth marketing manager at Trulia Rentals, overseeing SEO, email marketing, and native app growth.

Before Trulia I ran the marketing team at HotPads, Zillow’s rentals marketplace. The team focused on SEO, email, content, and other inbound channels. During my year and a half running this team I grew it from myself to 8 people. We ran integrated marketing campaigns with the goal of increasing our audience in major metro areas, which we did to great effect. The team increased HotPads visibility in many of the biggest metros by over 200% in 18 months.

From June 2011-September 2013, I worked at online marketing agency Distilled in New York City, fulfilling many roles including senior consultant, team lead, and office head. I have consulted with some of the largest publishers and businesses online, including International Hotels Group (IHG), Travelex, Zillow, Grovo, and more.

My marketing focuses on driving traffic that impacts a business and works to meet those business objectives. I am proud of the strategic work I have done and been able to accomplish with internal teams.

As a technical marketer, I have a workable knowledge of SQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP. I’ve developed on both the Joomla and WordPress platforms, including launching a few of my own businesses.”

You may contact John at his LinkedIn profile:


  1. Marie Haynes

Marie has 8 years of experience as digital marketing consultant.

Marie has worked for Marie Haynes Consulting for the last 8 years, where she is the owner founder.

This is what Marie says about herself in his LinkedIn profile Bio:

“Author of “Unnatural Links – The Complete Guide to Recovery”. Regular contributor to Search Engine Watch and Moz on the topics of Google Penalties and algorithm changes. Regular speaker on Google algorithm change issues at Pubcon, SMX and other conferences.”

You may contact Marie at her LinkedIn profile Bio and at her website:


  1. Bill Evans

Bill has 16 years of experience as digital marketing consultant.

Bill has worked for Boise Technology, ChoicePoint, South Florida Interacctive Marketing Association, Great HealthWorks, Office Depot, GeekltUp, TechnocalRx, and Liberty Power.

This is what Bill says about himself in his LinkedIn profile Bio:

“Interactive Marketer and business owner with a 16+ year career blending strategic vision and business needs assessments into data-intensive online environments. Specializing in Operations, Infrastructure, Search Engine Optimization/Marketing and Digital Strategy, a driven consultant using search, web properties and analytics to support, enhance and optimize traditional sales channels and launch new internet based initiatives.
Webmaster with 16 years in web hosting and development, utilizing Amazon AWS and WHM/Cpanel platforms, Google Analytics, Adobe Omniture, and various platforms and vendors to successfully lead teams and companies to higher levels of sales and conversion.

• Digital Strategy and Interactive Marketing
• Enterprise web hosting platforms including Amazon AWS and WHM
• Web analytics & digital audience insights using current tools in implementation, monitoring, and analysis of business intelligence metrics
• SEM/PPC Campaign Creation, Consultation, Management and Optimization
• In-depth SEO and SEM Best Practices
• Start-up and small business launch and growth strategies and guidance
• Domain management and setup, DNS services, infrastructure architecture design and implementation”




Top 10 Digital Marketing Consultants in USA
Top 10 Digital Marketing Consultants in USA



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