3 Examples of Success with a Digital Marketing Services Company

If you’re not familiar with the ways and wiles of the internet, a digital marketing campaign can seem risky, even scary.

However, in the hands of a digital marketing services company, you can reach success, including drawing in more leads and increasing your ROI (return-on-investment) and revenue.

Digital Marketing Services Company Successes: 3 Examples from Well-Known Brands

Need proof? Look at these three examples of success that well-known companies enjoyed with the help of digital marketing.

1. Cadbury: TV vs. the Internet

Cadbury launched two ad campaigns at the same time: One on TV and one with digital marketing online. The online campaign generated 20% of sales even though it had received only 7% of the budget.

2. GoPro: Digital Marketing Focused on Images

In a digital campaign, GoPro used images to show off what users can do with their camera products. They leveraged image-heavy networks, like YouTube and Instagram, to build a devoted following.

3. NASA: Digital Marketing and Social Media

A huge part of digital marketing is leveraging social media, and NASA did it without a hitch. They had one of their astronauts post regularly from space to draw a fresh audience to their endeavors – young people.

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USD $ 250 monthly agency fee



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