Cincinnati Community Dreams Foundation obtained a Google Ads Grant

LeAds featured as one of the top 10 Google marketing providers

During July 2021 Cincinnati Community Dreams Foundation hired us to launch a Google Search Ads campaign using the $ 10,000 per month that Google gave them as a Google Ads Grant.

The objective of the campaign was to take qualified traffic to the foundation website from users that search for charity and clean energy topics such as battery storage, charging stations, clean energy, electric vehicles, ev chargers, solar energy, solar panels, green energy and other related topics.

We performed a key phrase analysis (KA) for all these topics using the Google keyword planner tool, and we selected the most relevant terms for each topic. We designed and launched 16 campaigns using these relevant terms with exact matching option. Here are the campaign metrics from July 2021 until December 2021.

CampaignImpr.CTRAvg. CPC
27aug21 CDF KA financial literacy USA30.00% —
09sep21 CDF KA electric vehicles USA3726.18%0.99
16aug21 CDF KA tax deduction USA417.32%2.08
12aug21 CDF KA clean energy USA10,2832.95%5.57
25aug21 CDF KA infrastructure USA296.90%1.49
16sep21 CDF KA battery storage USA185.56%1.07
06aug21 CDF KA volunteer USA1444.17%3.91
04aug21 CDF KA donation USA3462.31%4.13
05aug21 CDF KA charity USA1571.91%2.71
06sep21 CDF KA ev chargers USA1613.11%1.45
23aug21 CDF KA charging stations USA20,4783.87%3.37
20aug21 CDF KA community dreams foundation USA7522.53%2.75
09aug21 CDF KA solar energy USA11,9911.63%8.13
30jul21 Donation campaign broad topics1,6903.20%10.67
23sep21 CDF KA cleveland browns USA520.00%0.85
18aug21 CDF KA foundation USA10,9963.26%6.81



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