Digital content marketing for B2B small business

We have said it before, and it is a very common phrase in the industry of marketing and advertising in the Internet, “content is king”. Basically because the Internet is a media, and as in any media, content is the key element and advertising is the second key element. Content and advertising are the two manners to communicate any message in Internet. Content is king for marketing in Internet. Digital content marketing is all about content production and distribution.

Google display the search results based on a very complex and unknown algorithm, but which mainly gives priority to the quality and relevance of the content published on the websites, and content are increasingly important in the list of variables containing the Google algorithm. As a matter of fact, Google recently mentioned that content and links are the two most important variables in the search algorithm among all other 200 variables. Once again content is king for Google search results. Digital content marketing will give you a place at the first page of Google search results.

If you want to be at the first page of Google organic search results, then you have to publish on your website or blog, quality and relevant content for your audience, frequently and consistently, depending on your capabilities and your needs.


Digital Content Marketing
Digital Content Marketing


If your company has a team of content production, start producing, publishing and posting, otherwise you must hire a digital marketing agency to produce content for your website and blog.

What is recommended within a digital content marketing campaign is to design a good strategy of production, publication and distribution of content in the Internet.

Depending on the company objectives and customers needs, you will design and execute a content strategy with topics of importance and relevance to the company prospects and customers.

The first version of the content should be a “story telling” in text article format that educates and entertains, which can then be used as a “script” for the production of other content formats, such as videos, images , infographics, presentations.

The content must be published in the company WordPress blog that is within your website, and then it is recommended to post it in company pages on social networks like Facebook, Google My Business, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, and Slide Share. Video formats will be posted on YouTube, and image formats, photographs and infographics will be posted on Pinterest and Instagram.

The power point presentations will be posted on Slide share, and then all formats of content can be post in the company business pages on Facebook, Twitter, Google My Business and LinkedIn. This is a constant and frequent task that must be treated very seriously by companies if they want to be found online by your customers and prospects.

Additionally, production, publication and frequent and constant distribution of relevant content generate many other benefits for the company. Among these benefits we can mention the creation of communities of customers and prospects in the company business pages on social networks, and it can work as a customer support platform.

The Internet and social networks are here to stay, so it is advisable for every company a production strategy, publication and distribution of content in the Internet. 50% of the world’s population is using the Internet, and most of them are also social networks users. People today spend more time on the Internet than in television, radio, cinema, and print media.

The current media is the Internet and the current hobby is social networking. Still much to evolve, it is a very new but marked trend. Much remains to be developed.

This article was written by Julio Sanoja Rial, CEO & Founder at LeAds, a Digital Content Marketing Agency for B2B Small Business that you can visit at

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