Few findings about Google Ads Search strategy and performance metrics

Google Ads Search campaigns findings

Over more than 20 years, since 2002 doing Google Ads Search, we would like to summarize in this text some findings that work relatively well to get higher than market average click through rates (CTR %) and to get higher than market average conversion rates (CVR %):

  1. Doing key phrase analysis (KA) using Google Keyword Planner (GKP) for each single product or service in each single geographic location, allows the Google consultant to select those keywords with high relevance and high purchase intention for each single product or service in each single geographic target area.
  2. Designing and launching one Google Ads search campaign for each single product or service in each single geographic area, using Exact Match and/or Phrase Match and not using Broad Match type. This will give you high click through rates (CTR %)
  3. Write Ads headlines and descriptions with high relevance, high consistentency with keywords, and search intent useful content. This will give you high Ad relevance and high Ad strength.
  4. Design and launch landing pages with high relevance, high consistency with keywords, and search intent  useful content; one landing page for each single product or service in each single geographic area. This will give you high landing page experience.
  5. Design and launch a website blog and execute a SEO strategy with relevant and useful articles about the products and services. This will be key to get a high Quality Score because of not only the above average landing page experience but also the above average website experience.
  6. With high click thorugh rates (CTR %), with above average Ad relevance, with excelent or good Ad strength, with above average landing page experience, and with below 2 seconds landing page speed test Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) for both mobile and desktop, then you will get high Quality Score, between 5 and 10, and therefore you will get high numbers of conversions, high conversion rates (CVR) and at lower than market average cost per click (CPC) and at lower than market average cost per conversion or cost per adquisition (CPV, CPA).
  7. You may also use audiences demographic targeting by gender, age and income; as well as using affinity audiences and in-market audiences to better target your audience strategy.
  8. Following a table with some of our 2022 and 2023 campaigns performance metrics.
  9. For more information about this topic, please read the following Google text: https://ads.google.com/intl/en_in/home/resources/improve-quality-score/ 
Business type or industryGeographic targetingCampaigns data timingQuality Score (Ad Quality) 1-10 ay KW levelCTR % clicks/impressions at campaign levelAd Relevance at KW level as a correlation between Ad quality and KW search intentionLP Experience at KW level: relevance and usefulLP page speed test – LCP mobileLP page speed test – LCP desktopLanding Page Mobile Speed Score at LP levelLanding Page Mobile Friendly Click Rate at LP levelAd Strength at Ads levelImpr Abs Top % at Campaign levelImpr Top % at Campaign levelConversion rate at Campaign levelKeyword Match type
Steel products manufacturingMexico and Latam countries1 year1-79.36%Above average. Average. Below average.Below average.3.6 seconds2.7 seconds7/10100%Excelent. Good. Average36.66%82.40%3.46%Phrase match
Franchise business consultingFlorida State, Latam countries and Spain1 year3-103.25%Above average. Average. Below average.Below average.4.2 seconds2.0 seconds1/1091%Average. Poor31.65%82.34%0.46%Phrase match
Analytics equipment consultingSeattle metropolitan area1 month1-53.97%Above average. Average. Below average.Below average.3.1 seconds1.0 secondsNANAGood. Average.40.68%77.66%0.00%Phrase match
Religion books publishig houseUSA, Canada and Mexico1 year1-103.16%Above average. Average. Below average.Average. Below average.7.8 seconds6.5 seconds6/10NAGood. Average. Poor14.47%29.83%14.68%Phrase match
Pest control businessVenezuela4 months6-1010.24%Above average. Average. Below average.Above average. Average.7.9 seconds1.1 seconds1/10NAExcelent. Good. Average. Poor60.15%86.15%14.33%Phrase match
Boudoir Photo businessNew York State, New Jersey State, New York City1 month1-86.52%Above average. Average. Below average.Average. Below average.7.5 seconds1.9 secondsNANAGood. Average.18.61%79.45%0.42%Phrase match
Pathways and Colleges in CanadaLatam countries4 months5-1011.36%Above average. Average. Below average.Above average. Average.5.6 seconds3.5 seconds4/10NAAverage. Poor18.85%77.41%6.58%Phrase match

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