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This article is addressed to marketing managers and business owners that are searching for Google agencies in Miami to request a proposal for their Google AdWords advertising campaigns.

We will list in this article the top and best Google agencies in Miami.


  1. Digital Valley – Miami, Florida

“Grow Your Business with Google AdWords And PPC Advertising.”

“With Google PPC, you only target people who are looking to buy your product, so your budget can stay lean and effective. It’s the best way to reduce wasted dollars and see the return on your investment clearly. Only a qualified company will be able to generate the best results for your invested dollar.”

You can call 305-283-3175 or you can write


  1. MSalesLeads – Miami, Florida

“Google AdWords Search and Google AdWords Display are both a very effective, efficient, and satisfactory digital advertising tools to generate leads and qualified traffic to your website. Give us a call to talk about your Google AdWords campaigns.”

You can call 305-918-9793 or you can write


  1. iAnalyst – Miami, Florida

“Looking to find prospects actively searching for your product, service or competitor? Well Search PPC may be the answer. By placing text ads on the top of popular search engine results, your web traffic is instantly refined based the specific terms we work together to determine.”

You can call 800-270-1656 or you can write


  1. Opt First Internet Marketing – Miami, Florida

“Having trouble managing your paid advertising? Starting for the first time and don’t know what to do? We can help. Our management staff gives each campaign daily personal attention to cultivate calls, leads & sales for your business.”

You can call 305-428-2539


  1. American Creative – Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Our pay per click management provides the quickest way to start generating new leads for your business.  Buying ad space directly on Google’s 1st page results can be very rewarding, but can also be costly without the proper research, management and technical skills.  That’s where American Creative’s experienced team of search engine marketing professionals can help.  We’ll create and monitor your ad campaign, by providing comprehensive adwords management, making adjustments along the way to ensure you’re getting new, targeted leads.” 

You can call 954-989-0115


  1. Linkeo – Doral, Florida

“LINKEO MIAMI, FL. specializes in Google AdWords and Search Engine Marketing (SEM), which include the creation of a customized pay per click (PPC) campaign targeting the consumers searching online for your services.”

You can call 786-629-5015


  1. The Miami SEO Company – Miami, Florida

“Work With a Professional PPC Management Company!
Our Data Driven Marketing Analysts Are All Google Certified & Can Increase Your ROI Fast!”

You can call 786-375-9981


  1. Expo Hosting – Miami, Florida

“Google AdWords is one of the greatest tools an online business has for growth and expansion of customer base. However, it can be tricky to come up with your own course of action that really works. If you find that you spend far more money on Google AdWords than you’d like, and aren’t seeing nearly the conversion rates that you thought you would, Google AdWords optimization might be for you.”

You can call 305-961-1649


  1. Zebra Advertisement – Miami, Florida

“Zebra Advertisement is a global leader in online advertising and a three-time Google Partners All-Stars Winner. Advertising services include the creation and management of digital marketing campaigns for Google AdWords, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Amazon, StumbleUpon, Etsy and more. We are headquartered in Miami, FL. Clients include Bing Ads, Facebook, Google, Yellow Pages, Thomson Reuters, and over 6000 businesses from over 20 countries.”

You can call 305-974-4204 or you can write  


  1. White Shark Media – Miami, Florida

“We Are Great at AdWords Management, But Our Service Will Impress You Even More.”

“We’re Proud To Be A Google AdWords™
Premier SMB Partner.”


You can call 305-728-4828 or you can write      




Google Agencies in Miami
Google Agencies in Miami




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About the Author:

This article was written by Julio R. Sanoja, owner and founder at MSalesLeads, a digital marketing agency for small and mid-size businesses in Miami, Florida. We help small and mid-size businesses to go and grow their businesses online; position their brands, products and services online; and get qualified leads and new customers online. We have been doing this for the last 16 years. You can write me or you can call me 305-918-9793.

Julio R. Sanoja
Julio R. Sanoja

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