Lead generation training using big databases from Google and LinkedIn

Lead generation training

Can we train your digital marketing team to do qualified leads generation campaigns using big databases from Google SEO, Google Search and Display Ads, YouTube Ads, LinkedIn marketing message and LinkedIn Sponsored Content Ads?. We have been doing digital marketing and digital advertising for the last 19 years. Now we are training digital agencies and businesses teams to use these databases properly to generate qualified leads.

We do this training during monthly planned 10 live sessions in Zoom or Google Meet, at $ 50 per session for a total of $ 500 per training, for any number of participants. Please let me know if you are interested and we can setup a Zoom or Google Meet meeting.

The lead generation training covers the following campaigns:

  1. Sponsored Content Ads Campaign on LinkedIn
  2. Message Ads campaign on LinkedIn (former InMail Campaigns)
  3. Google Search Ads campaign
  4. Google Display Ads campaign by interest or purchase intent (custom audience)
  5. Google Display Ads campaign by search terms (custom audience)
  6. Google Display Ads campaign by browse websites (custom audience)
  7. Google Display Ads campaign by use Apps (custom audience)
  8. Google Display Ads campaign by physical places visited (custom audience)
  9. Google Display Ads campaign by content (websites, topics, terms, words)
  10. Google SEO campaign by keywords in each language.
  11. YouTube Ads campaign by competitors channels audience (custom audience)

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