LeAds to be featured as one of the Top 10 Google Marketing Solutions Providers 2024

LeAds featured as one of the top 10 Google marketing providers

Hi Julio Sanoja,

I am Eileen Smith with MarTech Outlook magazine.

I am happy to inform you that our evaluation panel has shortlisted LeAds to be featured as one of the ‘Top 10 Google Marketing Solutions Providers 2024’ in our upcoming 4th edition on Google Marketing.

In recognition of your achievements, we aim to showcase LeAds’s profile from a perspective centered around its clients in this edition to demonstrate how LeAds is aiding businesses in harnessing the full potential of Google Marketing solutions. This edition will also include contributory articles from industry professionals such as CMOs, Directors of Digital Marketing, Head of Advertising, and Head of Brand Marketing, sharing their insights and experiences within the Google ecosystem.

LeAds can increase its visibility and client conversion rate by leveraging the recognition reprints and it serves as a testament to LeAds’s expertise in this realm. Our previous clients who have used the recognition reprints found them instrumental in retaining existing clients. They also received more business inquiries from our website visitors and subscribers after getting featured on our print and digital platforms.

The reprint rights, along with additional features such as a recognition logo, a certificate, and a full-page Ad in the magazine that can be used in the same or any of our upcoming editions in the next six months, can be obtained for a nominal expense of $3,000. We will also hyperlink LeAds’s profile to its website so all your clients can directly reach you.

We are a print and digital magazine that reaches out to 113,000 qualified subscribers across the U.S., including Senior Directors of Marketing, Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs), VPs of Marketing and Brand Innovation, Heads of Client Marketing, Directors of Brand Management, and other senior decision-makers.

I want to further explain how you can use this recognition in your selling efforts to enhance the prospect conversion rate and maximize revenue. Please let me know your availability for a quick conversation.

I look forward to your kind response.




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