What Is a B2B Advertising Agency?

In the marketing world, B2B stands for “business to business.” These companies target their products and services for other businesses and help them reach customers and increase their revenue.


How a B2B Advertising Agency Differs from B2C Companies


A B2B agency sells to other businesses – so, what does a B2C do?

B2C stands for “business to consumer.” B2C companies are brands that shop their services or products to consumers.

Common B2Cs include everyday retail stores, restaurants, and shops. Big brands like Target, GAP, Kraft, Hershey’s, and Walmart are all B2Cs.


So, What Makes a B2B Different?


A B2B exists to help other businesses become more successful.

In particular, a B2B advertising agency will work hard to increase their business client’s visibility. That can mean across the web or through other media, like print or TV.

They’ll use SEO (search engine optimization), web and social media advertising, content marketing, and other measures to help their business clients gain traction and meet their goals.

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B2B Advertising Agency
B2B Advertising Agency



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