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AdWords Experts and Google in New Mexico Offer Advice you can trust

AdWords Experts in New Mexico can help you with your online marketing and advertising campaigns

AdWords experts are everywhere you turn these days. Find one is as simple as a few clicks of a button. Finding a great one to work with is not as easy. While there is no one-size-fits-all expert, you will notice commonalities. Great AdWords experts have:

  • Proven track records of success
  • Street smarts
  • Up-to-date product knowledge
  • Access to Google training and product info

Due to these advantages and skill sets – true AdWords experts ensure your business sees great profits over the course of your PPC campaign. Many businesses try to manage their PPC campaigns. These businesses almost always waste a ton of money without seeing much in return.

While all AdWords experts use different strategies, the easiest one to follow is – buy the traffic most valuable to your business first. You don’t want to sacrifice quality for quantity. Highly qualified traffic is what your business needs and wants.

By buying highly qualified traffic, you’re buying traffic from prospects that are searching online right now for offerings just like what you sell. The key is helping these prospects find your products – at the cheapest price possible (for you).

Time is valuable and time is money. You know this. So do AdWords experts, as does your customer. You need to be focusing on your business. Let AdWords experts focus on your PPC campaign.

You focus on managing your business. An AdWords agency will focus on building you a new PPC campaign from scratch, restructuring your current campaigns, and/or managing your campaign(s) to ensure you see maximum returns for every dollar spent.

Improving the Community through an Online Presence

Business is about money, but it should be about more than just that. Business should also be about ensuring your community is a better place to live. Steve Watts, the general manager of the Los Alamos Co+op Market in Los Alamos, New Mexico, believes just that. Los Alamos is a market with a misión.

Due to the population spread in the sprawling land throughout northern New Mexico, the co-op has found business difficult in the beginning. The Internet has helped keep the community together. According to Watts, “To connect to our community, we rely on the Internet. It makes us feel a little bit more close-knit, even though we have many, many miles between us.”

Adwords Experts
Adwords Experts

With some willpower and determination, Watts and his staff have been able to grow the market despite the distance. Since opening their doors in 2011, the Co+op (which is member-owned) has exploded to over 2,000 members and 32 employees.

Even with the rapid growth, Steve tries to keep budgets under control. To do so, Watts uses a plethora of free or low-cost online tool that Google offers. Los Alamos uses Google Maps to ensure customers can find the market. The Co+op also uses Google Analytics to track visitors to their site and find out how to optimize their online presence.

Google + allows the market to receive reviews from the community and find out how they can do things better. Watts knows this is valuable feedback from the northern New Mexico community, as he notes, “We think customer happiness is a good way of measuring success. Social media helps us see that picture in clearer terms.”

Google Apps for Work allows everyone involved in the Co+op to communicate, schedule events, and ensure day-to-day operations are managed efficiently. This is a vital aspect of the business due to the miles between members.

Through a combination of these Google ( tools and a lot of hard work, the Co+op has grown to a $4 million operation in only 3.5 years. And Steve believes the tremendous growth is just beginning. Valles Caldera (in northern New Mexico) was just named a national park. This mean Los Alamos and the community can expect an uptick in visitors quite son.

Due to this fact, a rival market opened nearby in 2014. So Steve and his employees doubled down. They are working to offer their community an experience they won’t be able to find at any other market. This type of experience starts online for Los Alamos Co-op Market and its customers.

Steve knows this fact, as he claims, “I don’t know how we’d compete if we didn’t have a strong web presence to develop our community and build our business.”

Adwords Experts
Adwords Experts

While 14 quarters of double-digit growth is encouraging, Steve understands there is no rest in retail. Retail is very competitive,” Steve says. “You have to use everything you can to stay relevant and make sure technology is helping people find you, and helping people enrich their lives.”

For a business focused on helping and improving the community – Los Alamos Co+op Market is working to find ways to compete and still offer great products and service to the community. While the market won’t be using AdWords experts any time soon, the Co+op will continue to grow with Steve Watts in charge.

Google By The Numbers In The State Of New Mexico

Even a smaller state like New Mexico finds a way to use the web to make money. Google is helping many businesses in the state make money online. In 2014, over $67.6 million in economic activity was generated for businesses in New Mexico through Google.

Adwords Experts
Adwords Experts

Over 61,000 businesses and non-profits in New Mexico benefitted from using Google AdWords and Google AdSense. On top of that – Google provided free advertising to 55 non-profits in 2014. This free advertising was granted through the Google Ad Grants program and totaled $1,460,000.

This article was written by the LeAds copywriter team. LeAds is one of the most experienced Google Adwords Experts Companies, specializing in Google AdWords and Google SEO, in the United States. Please visit our website at for more information about making Google Search and AdWords work for your business.

The data and the images in this article were taken from the Google USA Report 2014.

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