Digital agency MSalesLeads helps small businesses to go and grow online successfully.

MSalesLeads is a small digital marketing agency that helps small businesses to go and grow online successfully.

Business consulting is the first task we do. By consulting, we get to know the business, its products and services, business goals; and the business audience, prospects and customers.

Consulting and strategy first. Design and execution then. Always with a business and customer service approach.

Small businesses need handcraft marketing projects and campaigns. Taylor made solutions.

After we collect this business information, then we begin a strategic thinking process to be able to design the digital marketing strategy.

Once we have designed the strategy, then we begin to execute.

Execution includes owned media design and development, Google marketing products setup and launch, content production and distribution, email marketing campaigns, PR campaigns, and digital advertising campaigns.

Owned media design and development includes business website, blog, social network business pages.

Google marketing products setup and launch includes Gmail, Search Console, Local SEO, Analytics, Tag Manager, AdWords, My Business, Google Plus, MAPS, Remarketing, Conversion and few others Google products.

Content production includes keyword analysis and articles production.

PR campaigns include releases production and distribution.

Digital advertising campaigns include AdWords Search, AdWords Display, and other Display advertising.

After strategy execution, the small business will begin to enjoy a permanent and frequent lead generation process. This lead generation process will help to grow the business.

We do all above tasks with care, and with right budget requirements that can be afford by small businesses.

We can work with B2C or B2B small businesses, even though we prefer to work with B2B small businesses like ours.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.



MSalesLeads and Google
MSalesLeads and Google


This article was written by Julio Sanoja Rial, CEO & Founder of MSalesLeAds, a Digital Agency for Small Businesses  that you can visit at

You can read our previous article in the following link:

You can write me to or call me to 305-918-9793

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