Digital marketing consulting for B2B Small Business

Our advice to B2B small business owners: Please request to your digital marketing agency always to do a digital marketing consulting before to execute any digital marketing campaign or any digital advertising campaign for your business.

Consulting and strategy always first. Where we are, where we want to be, how to fill the gap. A good consulting will give you a good strategy. With a good strategy, any digital marketing campaign or any digital advertising campaign will achieve the campaign goals.

Paradoxically, any good strategy will always need testing and adjusting after execution, just because human behavior is unpredictable, and we will never know in advance how humans will behave when they will be in front of your piece of content or piece of advertising in Internet. You will always need to test and adjust your digital campaigns, both marketing and advertising campaigns.

Summarizing: consulting and strategy first, testing and adjusting second. For short term results use digital advertising campaigns: Google AdWords Search, Google AdWords Display, and Facebook Ads. For long term results use digital marketing campaigns: content marketing.

Following there are four topics to consider in a digital marketing consulting:


Campaign objectives

The main objective for any B2B small business digital marketing campaign is to generate qualified leads.


Digital Marketing Consulting
Digital Marketing Consulting


Campaign audience

What are the people characteristics to whom we will address the campaign? In which country and city do they live? What language do they speak? What range of ages do they have? What is their gender? What level of education do they have? In what companies do they work? What is the job function do they have? What is the executive level do they have in the company?

Who decides and who influences the buying process? What are their interests and needs? Where do they spend their time online? Which social network do they use? Do they have email address? Do they have cell phone number? What equipment do they used to browse the Internet: mobile, tablet or computer? Do they like to read or do they like more videos and pictures? Do they like to play and compete or collaborate and help? What are their driving forces? Are they always busy or do they have free time? What do they like and what do they dislike? Are they affiliated with any group, association or organization? Are they followers of sports or hobbies? What are their business needs? What are their passions? Why would they like us? Why would they trust us?

The important matter at this stage is clearly define the profile and characteristics of the people to whom we will address the campaign so then we will be able to design the message, format, style and language we will use in the campaign and then select the digital media or digital channels we will use to spread the message. Knowing our audience very well is key for the campaign success. Marketing industry call them “buyer personas”.


Campaign message

After having well defined and characterized the audience to which we will address the campaign, then we can design very well the message we want to communicate. At this stage we have to write a script of the message we want to communicate with a style and language that pleases the people we are going to address and with a format that is satisfying and enjoyable for those people.

We should produce the message in different formats to display it in all the necessary digital media or digital channels, understanding that some digital media display text formats and other digital channels display audiovisual formats such as images, photographs, graphics, presentations, audios and videos. Whatever the format or formats that we will use in the campaign, all must be produced from an original script where it will be the whole strategy of the message.

The strategic message script is the key in the campaign and that is where all strategic resources should be focused. We want to communicate a message with intelligence but also with emotions; a message that educates and evangelizes but also entertains the audience.


Campaign media or digital channels

The company digital channels or digital media to distribute a message for a B2B small business digital marketing and advertising campaign are the following:

  • Blog
  • Website
  • Social network business pages
  • Social network business groups
  • Newsletter
  • Google My Business page
  • Google AdWords Search campaign
  • Google AdWords Display campaign
  • Facebook Ads campaign
  • Email marketing campaign


Remember, digital marketing consulting and strategy always first, testing and adjusting second.

This article was written by Julio Sanoja Rial, CEO   & Founder at LeAds, a Digital Marketing Consulting Agency for B2B Small Business that you can visit at

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