How often should a Google AdWords Display campaign be adjusted?

Weekly. A Google Ads Display campaign should be adjusted weekly.

Daily is too short to record data and experiences. Monthly is too long to wait for new testing, adjustments and experiences. So, I would say, weekly is a good time to adjust a Google Ads Display campaign.

A Google Ads Display campaign can be adjusted in several manners. The following segmentation variables can be adjusted:

  • Geographic location
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Interest
  • Buying intent
  • Words
  • Topics
  • Websites

Depending upon the campaign historical data, we can adjust any of the above variables, keeping those variables that are giving clicks and conversions and dispose of those variables that are not giving good clicks and conversions.


AdWords Display
AdWords Display


It is through a process of testing and adjusting or experimenting with these above variables and their right combination, that we get to find the right audience for the campaign, which is the one that gives you more clicks and conversions.

Every person that clicks in the campaign Ad, is automatically added to the campaign Remarketing click list.

Every person that converts in the campaign landing page, is automatically added to the campaign Remarketing conversion list.

We need both, clicks and conversions.

Each adjustment can be considered and recorded as a new campaign. So we can measure for each adjusted campaign, those combinations variables that give the higher clicks and conversion rate.

This is the reason why Google recommend to do “experiments” in each Google AdWords campaign, both Search and Display. “Experiment” means testing, recording, evaluating, analyzing and adjusting. It is almost a scientific approach to the advertising campaign.

Any Google Ads campaign should be adjusted weekly.

The following link contains additional information on Google campaign experiments:


This article was written by Julio Sanoja Rial, CEO & Founder of LeAds, a Google AdWords agency that you can visit at

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