What are the 3 main components of a digital campaign for small businesses?

Media, content, and ads.

Own media, own authority content, and own relevant ads.

These are the 3 main components of a digital campaign for small businesses.

Small businesses should produce and manage their own digital media, their own digital content and their own digital ads. Now, they can do it, and they can afford it. During industrial revolution era, this was impossible to do and impossible to afford for a small business to do a traditional marketing campaign. Things changed because of the digital revolution, and now they can.

The production and management of these own media, content and ads will lead your small business to a successful digital positioning. Do not expect this result to happen any time soon. It will take 2 or 3 years to see results. For you to have an idea about timing, it only takes 500 to 800 days and more than 400 good articles published in your website blog, for a domain name to be well ranked in Google search engine results.  So, be patient.

If you want your business to rank well in Google, then you have to be an authority for Google, you have to be an author in your products and services, you have to show Google that you are a subject matter expert in your products and services; then you have to write, and write, and keep writing good and long articles about your products and services, and about the needs they satisfy to your customers.

Google search results still show a high percentage of junk content, but thanks to artificial intelligence (AI) and semantic, this will change in the future, and only those real authority websites will be well ranked in the first pages of Google search results, and any other search algorithm will follow Google along the way with this approach to benefits authority.


Digital Campaign
Digital Campaign


Good and long form articles about your products and services, and about the needs they satisfy to your customers is what will give you not only Google authority but also incoming links to your website, and finally, this will give you good ranking in Google search results and any other search engine results.

Authority and links are earned by writing good and long authority articles; written by your products and services subject matter experts, and your customers’ needs subject matter experts. (SME). Junk content does not help, on the contrary, it penalized your website. So, do not produce and post junk content in your own media. Just produce and post authority content in your own media. Once again, authority content is all about long articles about your products, services, and customers’ needs written by subject matter experts.

Following there is a link to our past article about the 5 P´s of digital content marketing for small business:


It takes time to position a small business in the digital media, but it is a must, and you can start now. You will always need these 3 constituents: own media, own content and own ads.

Take advantage of the digital revolution and begin to position your brand, products. and services in the digital media. You can do it yourself now. You could not do it before during the industrial revolution. Now, you can, and it does not cost much. Many digital media are even free.

Own media production is a one-time task. Own content and ads production is a permanent task. And when I say “permanent” I mean that it should be an every year budgeted task.

Every small business marketing budget should include content and ads production, every year, in a permanent manner.

By producing content and ads in a permanent manner, year after year, after 2 to 3 years your small business will enjoy the following two digital marketing assets:

  • Your customers will find your business every time they make a search in any search engine, Google, social media, or any other search engine.
  • Your customers will see your business every time they browse Internet, a social media, or an App.

Weather your customers search or browse, they will find your business. Not bad for a 2 to 3 years’ result. This is a great digital marketing asset for any small business, but it takes time, effort, and small budgets.

Let´s briefly make a list for each one of these important 3 components of a digital campaign for a small business:

Own Media:

  • WordPress Website with Google mobile and speed tests approved.
  • WordPress Blog within the website
  • Newsletter service for email marketing
  • Facebook business page
  • Facebook group page
  • Instagram business page
  • LinkedIn business page
  • LinkedIn group page
  • Twitter business page
  • Google My Business page
  • Google My Business address verification
  • Google Communities business page
  • Google Search Console account page
  • Google Analytics account page
  • Google AdWords account page

Own Content:

  • Articles about your products, services, and customer needs

Own Ads:

  • Google AdWords Search campaign
  • Google AdWords Display campaign

In future articles we will explain more in details each one of these media, content and ads.


This article was written by Julio Sanoja Rial, CEO & Founder of LeAds, a Google AdWords agency that you can visit at www.msalesleads.com

You can read our previous article in the following link:


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